With a history dating from 1973, we are an international organization of women and men who believe that the Bible supports the equality of the sexes. We are Christian feminists. We are inclusive. We welcome you.

What’s New on Christian Feminism Today

Reta’s Reflections
John and His Vision of the Risen Jesus—Revelation 1:9-20
Reta describes the political climate in which Revelation was written and explains the symbolism that is often puzzling to today’s readers.

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The Dangers of Cutting Funding for the Violence Against Women Act
Read a Sojourners piece featuring CFT Executive Council member and domestic violence expert Dr. Christy Sim, outlining why VAWA cuts would be a big mistake.

Reta’s Reflections
Structure and Symbol in Revelation
Reta explains that if we take the symbols in Revelation literally, we miss the point. Revelation means what it means, not what it says.

McKenzie Brown’s Reflection on Protest— How We Prevail
After attending two separate protest demonstrations in less than 10 days, McKenzie Brown writes about her experience and wonders if justice will prevail.

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Black History Month — 28 Black Women You Should Know
Read about 28 amazing black women who are responsible for helping the black community in their quest for equality and justice.

Where She Is
Dan Wilkinson’s Reflection on the 2017 Women’s March — “Dissent is Patriotic”
Dan Wilkinson reflects on how he has changed over the last four years, and the wonder of experiencing the 2017 Women’s March in Seattle.

Where She Is
Rev. Jann Aldredge-Clanton’s Reflection on the 2017 Women’s March – “Changing History”
Rev. Jann Aldredge-Clanton, Ph.D., reflects on her participation in the 2017 Women’s March in Austin, Texas and the women who changed history.

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The Women’s March in Pictures
Enjoy pictures of the 2017 Women’s March courtesy of the New York Times!

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
What Falls From the Sky: How I Disconnected from the Internet and Reconnected with the God Who Made the Clouds
by Esther Emery
An honest, well-written story of what happens when one woman actually put down the digital distractions and focused on flesh-and-blood people in front of us and the Divine Spirit inside of us.

Reta’s Reflections
Starry Skies in the Ancient Near East
Studies in Revelation — Lesson 4
Reta explores the 1st century worldview that saw human events in terms of skies, stars, symbols, visions, dreams, and astrology.

Where She Is
2017 Gay Christian Network Conference Coverage
Marg Herder presents a series of posts related to CFT’s presence at the Gay Christian Network Conference, and CFT’s partnership in presenting the GCN WomenConnect women’s retreat and the Mother Eagle Award.

Introduction to  the 2017 Gay Christian Network Conference
Rev. Janet Edwards, Ph.D. — #GCNWomenConnect Speaker
Interview with Rev. Janet Edwards, Part 1
Interview with Rev. Janet Edwards, Part 2
Interview with Rev. Janet Edwards, Part 3
New Post:  #GCNConf Reflection by Jennifer Kane — “A Most Inspiring Story”

The Mother Eagle Award
The first Mother Eagle Award was presented to Virginia Ramey Mollenkott at the Gay Christian Network WomenConnect Retreat on January 5, 2017.  This award was created to honor the women who have taken the lead in courageously advocating for LGBTQIA equality in Christianity.  Watch Virginia’s acceptance talk here.

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Is Being Constantly Busy a “ Disease” or a Way to Measure Our Worthiness?
Omid Safi, a columnist for the radio show and website “On Being,” reminds us that we are human beings, not human doings.

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Healing from Grief over the Role of White Evangelicals in the Recent Election
Writing for her “Born Again Again” blog in the Christian Century, Carol Howard Merritt says, “It’s difficult to know what will happen to the landscape of American religion after this election.”

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Looking Back on Feminism in 2016 — Some Positive Signs from Popular Culture
Don’t be discouraged! Turns out 2016 wasn’t such a bad year for feminists after all.  Check out the top feminist moments of 2016.

Reta’s Reflections
Is the New Testament Apocalyptic?
Studies in Revelation — Lesson 3
Lesson 3 shows how events of the Christmas story pull back the curtain between our world and an invisible conflict between good and evil.

Reta’s Reflections
An Apocalyptic Worldview
Studies in Revelation—Lesson 2
In this lesson, Reta shows how theology develops and how apocalyptic writings can be viewed as both a dualistic theology and a literary genre.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
Revelation—Whom Will You Worship?
Studies in Revelation—Lesson 1
In introducing her new series on Revelation, Reta provides at least four important reasons for studying this puzzling book of the Bible.

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On World AIDS day, Listen to an Interview with Activist Cleve Jones
Listen to Terry Gross interview Cleve Jones, a San Francisco based LGBTQ and AIDS justice advocate, on NPR’s Fresh Air.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife
by Ruth A. Tucker, Ph.D.
Reviewer Anna Redsand writes that this story of spousal abuse also serves as a call for biblical mutuality in heterosexual marriage.

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Drama, or Revolutionary Acts of Love? It’s Your Choice
With so many of us feasting on the buffet of drama spread before us in the media, a single  act of love becomes revolutionary.

Book ReviewsBook Review
When God Was a Little Girl
by David R. Weiss (Author), Joan Hernandez Lindeman (Illustrator)
Reviewer Casey O’Leary, a children’s librarian, writes that this book would be a joy to read aloud to a group, or to share one-on-one with a child.

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The Theory of Sexism and the Trump Victory
Understand sexism and you can better understand why Trump was elected to be the next president of the United States.

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Fake News: Hear from Someone Who Writes It
Hear from a man who writes the “fake news” that many people feel influenced the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
To Drink from the Silver Cup: From Faith Through Exile and Beyond
by Anna Redsand
Virginia Mollenkott reviews this story about a lesbian rejected by fundamentalist Christianity who finds her way back to Christianity.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
An Introduction to Womanist Biblical Interpretation
Reviewed by Rev. Leslie Harrison
Author Nyasha Junior does an outstanding job in bringing insight to historical issues with profound background information.

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What Can I Do?
A woman who worked for Congress for six years, Emily Ellsworth, provided one answer to the question, in a series of viral tweets, by sharing what private citizens can do to most effectively be heard by their legislators.

WhereSheIsWhere She Is
Love More: Trump and the Country We Know
Marg suggests that the election has illuminated the opportunity of the moment: to love more and love better, because our love will trump hate.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
A Letter to My Anxious Christian Friends: From Fear to Faith in Unsettled Times
Reviewer Rev. Rebecca Kiser writes that in this book author David Gushee explores the tension of living in the United States as both a Christian and a supporter of our country.

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Don’t Even Think About It!
Conservative Christians are retaliating against other Christians just for THINKING LGBTQ people deserve an equal place in the body of Christ.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
Bridge to the Sacred: A Collection of Interfaith Prayers
Reviewer Ruth Hoppin writes that this delightful book would make a great gift, but you’ll want a copy for yourself to read again and again.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
Goddess and God in the World: Conversations in Embodied Theology
Carol P. Christ and Judith Plaskow invite us to ponder the nature of divinity in light of our own lives.  Reviewed by Peg Conway.

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Attending the Moral Revival
Kathy Vestal writes about attending Rev. William Barber’s “Moral Revival” during the Charlotte stop on the tour.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Ferguson & Faith:  Sparking Leadership & Awakening Community
by Leah Gunning Francis
Reviewer Kathleen Madinger Angelone writes that though the book appears deceptively simple, it leads the reader to think deeply about every story emerging from Ferguson after Michael Brown’s death.

Book ReviewsBook Review
I Love to Tell the Story: 100+ Stories of Justice, Wisdom, and Hope
by Reverend Dr. Nancy Wilson
Virginia Ramey Mollenkott finds MCC Moderator Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson’s collection of stories from her life to be quite an enjoyable read!

Music ReviewsMusic Reviews
The Beautiful Not Yet
by Carrie Newcomer
Reviewer Rev. Deb Vaughn writes that this album by Carrie Newcomer is a worthy addition to your music collection.

Book ReviewsBook Review
“Suspended Moments of Glorious Flight”
The Beautiful Not Yet: Poems, Essays and Lyrics
by Carrie Newcomer
Jean Rodenbough reviews the companion book to Carrie’s latest CD release.

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#NastyWoman Goes Viral
After Trump called Clinton a “nasty woman” during the final 2016 presidential debate, women pushed back against this misogynist rhetoric.

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Rape Culture, Entitlement, and Power
Links to some posts about rape culture and power, responding to the tape in which a presidential candidate bragged of committing sexual assault.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
What Should Philemon Do?
Reta shows why each of four social groups in the house church might differ on whether or not the runaway slave should be freed to assist Paul.

ViewPoint LogoViewpoint
Ending the Silence about Sexual Assault
by Princess O’Nika Auguste
Victims of sexual assault were silenced in biblical narratives, and they still are today.  It’s long past time for this to end.

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Trans Men Explain Male Privilege
Who better to explain male privilege than people who have experienced it from both genders?

ViewPoint LogoViewPoint
Free Speech—Using it for Healing, Not for Hurting
by Robin Riebsomer
Free speech is not “right speech.” By practicing “right speech” we might begin to bridge the divide between political ideologies.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
Evolution: Yours, Mine, and the Planet’s
Virginia Ramey Mollenkott reviews Personal Transformation and a New Creation: The Spiritual Revolution of Beatrice Bruteau, edited by Ilia Delio.

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“Mansplaining” and “manterrupting” is, sadly, still alive and well
Jessica Bennett provides commentary on an important example of sexism that played out during the September 26 presidential debate.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
Letter to Philemon: Another Side of Paul
Reta’s new two-part study spotlights a short book of the Bible about a Christian slave owner, a runaway slave, and a personal letter from Paul.

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Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza Discusses Hillary Clinton, Gender, and Scripture
Hillary Clinton is caught in a double bind in her bid for the US presidency.  If she exhibits the qualities of an effective leader she will be criticized for failing to exhibit qualities of a woman. The bind is rooted in Christian scripture and tradition.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
Encountering God in Tyrannical Texts: Reflections on Paul, Women, and the Authority of Scripture by Frances Taylor Gench
Reviewed by Reta Halteman Finger
Gench encourages readers to argue with the texts, scream at them if necessary, and probe the historical and theological layers of each one.

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Who are we when we read the scriptures?
When we read scriptures we often put ourselves in the place of the marginalized, when in fact, many of us are more like the privileged.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
The Electronic Church in the Digital Age: Cultural Impacts of Evangelical Mass Media
Edited by Mark Ward Sr.
Reviewer Dr. Alena Amato Ruggerio writes “fascinating details and arguments await you throughout this two-volume set.”

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Fear of a Female President
A fascinating exploration of the reactions provoked when people other than those traditionally associated with leadership positions aspire to gain power.

Reclaiming Your Story: Mary Magdalene and Lady Gaga’s “Judas”
by Princess O’Nika Auguste
Princess O’Nika Auguste combines the story of Mary Magdelane and Lady Gaga’s “Judas” creating a Bible study activity to help women reclaim their own stories.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Jesus Was a Feminist— What about Muhammad?
Read an excerpt from a commentary on the Quran penned by Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad about how Muhammad’s teachings are intended to liberate women.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
A Womanist Theologian Confronts White Privilege and Sex/Gender Bigotry: Pamela Lightsey’s Our Lives Matter
A review essay by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott.  Lightsey calls for all of us, especially Black and LGBTQ people, to turn inward and affirm the spiritual center that unites us.

2016 Gathering2016 Christian Feminism Today Gathering
At First Blush
Rev. Erica Lea’s sermon from the 2016 Christian Feminism Today conference worship service.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Rev. Liz Edman says, “Know who you are. Be who you are.” (A short video)
Liz Edman’s message, “Identity,” is about being yourself in spite of society’s efforts to straitjacket you with conventional gender roles.

WhereSheIsWhere She Is
Returning to Yourself
Marg discusses how our childhood programming keeps us from what we were created to be, and how to find our way back to ourselves.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
Hagar Poems by Mohja Kahf
Reviewer Elisabeth Mehl Greene recommends the book, writing, “When confronted with difference, we should recognize we are made from the same essence, and see a way over to the other side.”

Link of the DayLink of the Day
The Tragedy of Violence against Women: Has Religion Played a Part?
The sacred scriptures of religious bodies have too often been interpreted in ways that support the dominance of men and submission of women.

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Great Feminist Moments from the Olympics
The Huffington Post brings us great pictures and commentary from the Olympic Games in Rio.  There were some important feminist moments, and you can check them out here.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
Conclusion: The ongoing challenge of biblical interpretation
Reta concludes her hermeneutics series by reflecting on what these lessons have meant to her personally and proposes three major takeaways.

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President Obama speaks out on feminism’s achievements and ongoing challenges
As the father of two daughters, President Obama is keenly aware of the importance of feminism, both now and in the future—and not only for women.

ViewPoint LogoViewPoint
A Dumb Blonde, a Woman Driver, and a Preacher Walk into a Bar
Dumb blonde jokes from the pulpit?  Angie Best explains her reaction to one such situation, and why we can’t “tolerate” this in our churches.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Julian Abagond writes about what he calls “the oppression Olympics”
When groups that suffer injustice argue about which group has it worse, they’re participating in “the Oppression Olympics, as if there were some kind of special prize for the ‘winner.’”

2016 Gathering2016 Christian Feminism Today Gathering Recap
View photos, read recaps and reflections, review social media posts, and even access one of the presentations.  It’s all available on the Gathering recap page.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
What Role Does Faith Play in Hillary Clinton’s Commitment to Public Service?
“Skeptics may be surprised to learn that Clinton taught Sunday school and delivered guest sermons on Methodism as first lady of Arkansas…”

Reta’s ReflectionsReta's Reflections
“Strenuous Tolerance”:  Can we get along when we don’t agree?
Reta shows how Paul’s teachings to Christians who argued about Jewish law observances could apply to conflicts over LGBTQ issues today.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Brian Jay Stanley suggests a way to think about social justice disputes
Could many societal disagreements be settled by a “live and let live” approach based upon who is affected most by decisions?  It’s a thought developed by Brian Jay Stanley…

Link of the DayLink of the Day
A “Very Tired Christian” Answers Critics of His Support for LGBTQ People
Some people accuse blogger and pastor John Pavlovitz of “betraying biblical principles” in his support of LGBTQ equality.  He responds with an open letter.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
The Bigger Picture:  Sin as a Moving Target
Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 20
Wise interpretation of scripture is crucial since “our concepts of right and wrong do shift depending on the context, time period, or culture.”

2016 GatheringDeveloping A Divine Feminine Version (DFV) of the New Testament
by Mark M. Mattison (presentation from the 2016 CFT Gathering)
One of the editors of the DFV discusses issues and challenges faced while developing this new translation of the New Testament.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
It’s important for men to know that feminism benefits them as well as women
Feminism is by no means for women only.  Gender equality benefits everybody.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
Lady Midrash: Poems Reclaiming the Voices of Biblical Women
by Elisabeth Mehl Greene
Reviewer Jean Rodenbough says, “This collection puts flesh and energy into what have too often become stale stories from our Sunday School days—if we heard them at all. “

2016 GatheringChristian Feminism for the 21st Century
“A prophetic eco-praxis mash-up of tradition and culture that would cause my homesteader great-grandmother and earlier feminists to roll over in their graves.” Read the transcript of Cherice Bock’s 2016 Christian Feminism Today Gathering presentation.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Ulli K. Ryder Talks about What July 4th Can Mean in Today’s World
Our country has come so far, yet there is so much left to do in seeking justice for all.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
“Inheriting the Kingdom of God”—1 Corinthians 6:9-10, 1 Timothy 1:9-10, and Jude 7

The way these scripture texts are translated and whether or not they’re seen in historical and cultural context affects how they’re used today.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
A Women’s Chorus Honors the Victims of the Mass Shooting in Orlando
Listen to Vox Femina, a women’s chorus in Los Angeles, perform “Born this Way” in honor of the Orlando massacre victims.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
Inflammatory Words in Romans 1:24-27
Reta says the Greco-Romans would have seen Romans 1:24-27 in light of the philosophers’ warnings about undisciplined lust, not homosexuality.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Bishop Tutu’s daughter speaks out about her marriage to a woman
Mpho Tutu van Furth, daughter of Desmond Tutu, is an ordained Episcopal priest in the US, but is not considered clergy in South Africa.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Jessica Valenti writes about the trauma associated with sexism
Read about “gender trauma” and “objectification theory” and how the mental health of female people is affected by sexual harassment.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
What Is Natural and Unnatural Sex in Romans 1:24-27?
Viewing Romans 1:26-27 in its cultural context, Reta cites David Frederickson’s biblical scholarship to explain the terms “natural” and “unnatural.”

Rev. Darcy MetcalfeRev. Darcy Metcalfe named as the 2016 Nancy A. Hardesty Memorial Scholarship Recipient
The Rev. Ms. Metcalfe, who currently serves as Solo-Pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Perrysburg, OH, holds a Master of Arts in Theology, as well as a Masters of Divinity from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  At the University of Iowa, she plans to study the history of religious movements in the United States through the lens of feminist legal theory.  Learn more about the NAHMS.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
A New Gospel for Women: Katharine Bushnell and the Challenge of Christian Feminism
by  Kristin Kobes Du Mez
Reviewer Rev. Darcy Metcalf writes that A New Gospel for Women is an “incredible work of feminist theology on an amazing Christian feminist.”

Link of the DayLink of the Day
What is “intersectionality”? And why should you know and care about it?
Letha Dawson Scanzoni provides links to a wealth of material explaining intersectionality.

WhereSheIsWhere She Is
Backlash Against What?: RFRAs and Bathroom Bills
Marg explains that the current conservative Christian legislative backlash against LGBTQ equality is really not about LGBTQ people at all.

Bathroom Legislation: Unconstitutionality Is Only Part of the Story
By Julia K. Stronks
Legal scholar Julia K. Stronks explains why North Carolina’s “Bathroom Bill” is unconstitutional, and what those upset about it should do now.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Perplexed about some of the new words related to gender and sexuality?
Read two articles about how adding words relating to gender to the dictionary illustrate how language develops within the context of culture.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
The Love and Sex Lives of Ancient Greeks and Romans
Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 16
Examining the common sex practices and attitudes in ancient Greco-Roman culture can help us understand what Paul was confronting in Romans 1.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Femmevangelical: The Modern Girl’s Guide to the Good News
by Jennifer D. Crumpton
In Femmevangelical, Crumpton offers an image of Christian femininity that is boundless and freed of cultural rule.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Discrimination against LGBT people hurts everyone. When will we learn?
Think of the talent that has been wasted, all because most societies have refused to value lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

ViewPoint LogoViewPoint
What We Can Learn from Christianity Today’s Interview with Saeed Abedini
by Dr. Christy Sim
Dr. Christy Sim, Domestic Violence expert, explains that Christian media still has much to learn about how to cover domestic violence issues.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Queer Virtue: What LGBTQ People Know About Life and Love and How It Can Revitalize Christianity
by Rev. Elizabeth M. Edman
Reviewer Virginia Mollenkott writes that every page of Rev. Elizabeth M. Edman’s book, Queer Virtue, “reverberates with vivid insights.”

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Why classics scholar Mary Beard is becoming known as a “troll slayer”
Internet trolls like to denigrate the minds and bodies of girls and women.  Read about how Professor Mary Beard will have none of it!

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
Romans 1:24-27 and Pornography: “God gave them up…”
Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 15
Reta says that the proliferation of sexually explicit imagery in Greco-Roman culture can be compared to today’s pornography and its effects.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Why Sojourners made a video on the absurdity of denying women’s leadership
Sojourners creates a very popular video satirizing the misguided reasons people say women shouldn’t lead in the church.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Finding Inspiration and Empowerment in Those Who Came Before
The earliest computer programmers were the women working on the ENIAC machine for the US military.  Read about these remarkable women.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
The Historical and Literary Setting for Romans 1:24-27
By examining the background of Romans 1:24-27, Reta continues to show the importance of context in interpreting texts on same-sex sexuality.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Mary Hunt sees Pope Francis’s document on family love as “a lost opportunity”
Although many have praised the Pope’s compassionate, pastoral approach in his recent document “Amoris Licientia,” Dr. Hunt is disappointed.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
I (Still) Believe: Leading Bible Scholars Share Their Stories of Faith and Scholarship
Edited by John Byron and Joel N. Lohr
Reviewer Anne Eggebroten discusses this worthy project, a fascinating personal look at the faith journeys of eighteen biblical scholars.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
Sodom’s Sin: What Does the Bible Actually Say?
Continuing to examine the Bible and LGBTQ issues as a case study in hermeneutics, Reta looks at the misinterpretation of Sodom’s destruction.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Christian Doctrines for Global Gender Justice
Edited by Jenn Daggers and Grace Ji-Sun Kim
Reviewer Kendra Weddle Irons writes that the essays in this book will likely lead to many “ah-ha” moments, and change how the reader lives or understands God’s work in the world.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Faith, Spirituality, & the Future
In this video presentation, pastors and religious leaders discuss the changing role of church and spirituality in American society.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
Spiritual Sobriety: The Promise of Healthy Faith When Good Religion Goes Bad
by Elizabeth Esther
Reviewer Casey O’Leary reports on Elizabeth Esther’s new book.  She finds it will provide religious addicts a better understanding of their addiction, tools for recovery, and most importantly, hope.

ViewPoint LogoViewPoint
Toward an Inclusive Incarnation: Easter and Male Divinity
Dr. Christy Sim laments the fact that Easter feels like a celebration of male divinity, and not an inclusive incarnation which reflects all of us.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
Levitical Laws: “Thou shalt not”. . . But why not?
Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 12
Reta shows how the historical-cultural context of the two Leviticus prohibitions of male same-sex sexual acts can enlighten our understanding.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Hebrews (Wisdom Commentary Series; Volume 54)
by Mary Ann Beavis and HyeRan Kim-Cragg
“Nuanced and deeply sensitive in its interaction with the scriptural text, this commentary is outstanding in every respect. ” – reviewer Mark M. Mattison

Book ReviewsBook Review
Confronting Religious Denial of Gay Marriage: Christian Humanism and the Moral Imagination by Catherine M. Wallace
Reviewer Virginia Mollenkott finds this book to be a “concise book that is ideal both for individual study and for discussion in groups.”

My Life Was Transformed by a Children’s Book— Heart Talks with Mother God
Aditya Putcha writes about the transformative experience of learning, from a children’s book, how God can be understood as “Mother.”

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Women’s History Month 2016 — Photos
Some people would rather see their history – so we’re featuring all kinds of photos for this Women’s History Month Link of the Day.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections Bible Study Blog
A Challenge for LGBTQ Biblical Progressives
Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 11
Traditionalists say homosexuality violates biblical rules and male-female complementarity; revisionists stress justice, love, history, and culture.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Dear Princess Grace, Dear Betty: The Memoir of a Romantic Feminist
by Alida Brill
Reviewer Debbie Burnham-Kidwell writes about author Alida Brill’s new book, which details her journey from romantic fantasy to romantic feminism.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
International Women’s Day Google Doodle
Check out Google’s cool doodle honoring International Women’s Day.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Rock Star Feminist Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Read about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s interactions during the  SCOTUS hearing on the Texas abortion law, and check out a cool RBG coloring book!


A Testimony: God’s Kindness to Me
Thinking back on her 84 year faith journey, Virginia Ramey Mollenkott shares seven important metaphysical lessons she has learned from God.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Just What Kind of Feminist Are You, Anyway?
Take the quiz created by The Washington Post and the Kiser Family Foundation and find out more about feminism in the US today.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
Does the Bible Teach Biological Complementarity?
Reta shows how the symbolism some people attach to God’s creation of males and females underlies attitudes toward same-sex sexual relationships.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
Blessed Are the Crazy: Breaking the Silence about Mental Illness, Family, and Church
by Sarah Griffith Lund
Reviewer Rebecca Dix found “Blessed are the Crazy” by Sarah Lund does an excellent job of addressing the problematic way the Church addresses mental illness.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
The Rise of the Feminist Newsletter, Again
In the past, feminists used newsletters to communicate with members and publish content.  Then came the internet.  Now newsletters are coming back.

Disconnected Generations: #NotHereForTheBoys
The 2016 Democratic primary has illuminated certain tensions and conflicting interests between different generations of feminists. Jamie Calloway-Hanauer shares her ViewPoint.

Link of the Day

Link of the Day
Feminism Is: Sara Gomez—Cuba’s First Female Film Director
Despite dying at a very young age, Cuban film director Sara Gomez managed to create one of Cuba’s great masterpieces of film art.

Reta’s ReflectionsReta's Reflections
Sliding Down the Slippery Slope—or Climbing Upward?
Reta shows how “complementarianism,” with its distinct, hierarchal male and female roles, lies behind much opposition to LGBTQ  relationships.

Islamic Feminism Clarifies the Tasks of Christian Feminists
by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott
In this article, Dr. Mollenkott uses Asma Barlas’ book Believing Women to clarify the hermaneutical mandate Christian feminists must accept.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Embracing the Other: The Transformative Spirit of Love
by Grace Ji-Sun Kim
Reviewer Cherice Bock concludes that “Embracing the Other” offers a view of radical hope and spiritual power for readers, both women and men.

Link of the Day

Link of the Day
The First Generation of Women Orthodox Rabbis
Are Orthodox Jewish women being afforded equality when it comes to religious leadership?

Link of the DayLink of the Day
“They” Is American Dialect Society’s Word of the Year
Citing its growing use as a gender neutral pronoun, the American Dialect Society selected “they” as the 2015 Word of the Year.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Feminism Is: Shirley Chisholm—Political Trailblazer
Forty-Four years ago Shirley Chisholm announced she was running for president.  We remember this amazing woman in our Friday “Feminism Is” feature.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
The Bible and Same-Sex Relationships: Some Resources
Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 8
Reta provides helpful resources to guide us in understanding how different interpretations of Scripture can affect our views on LGBTQ issues.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
What’s in a Head Covering? Stories of Women Who Wear the Hijab
Facebook and Tumblr pages focus on New York City women who wear the hijab, and in doing so paint a picture of similarity, not difference.

WhereSheIsWhere She Is
2016 Gay Christian Network Conference coverage
Read reflections and interviews by Gay Christian Network Conference attendeeson the Where She Is blog.
2016 #GCNConf Introduction
weconnect Featured Speaker Emmy Kegler Introduction

weconnect Featured Speaker Emmy Kegler Interview
2016 #GCNConf First Timer Reflections – Jann Aldredge-Clanton
2016 #GCNConf First Timer Reflections – Sam Koster
2016 #GCNConf First Timer Reflections – Bastian Bouman
2016 #GCNConf First Timer Reflections – Kirsti Reeve

After the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage: A Long Road Ahead
Dr. Julia K. Stronks says the Supreme Court’s reasoning in its ruling on same-sex marriage did not provide clear guidelines for related conflicts.

Link of the Day

Link of the Day
Rev. Wil Gafney’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Sermon
On Martin Luther King, Jr. day, read an informative sermon presented by womanist Episcopal priest, Rev. Wil Gafney, PhD.

Reta's Reflections

Reta’s Reflections
Can You Read the Signs?  Principles of Interpretation
Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 7
Reta introduces us to some guidelines for feminist biblical interpretation that were developed by the late New Testament scholar David Scholer.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
Joan Chittister: Her Journey from Certainty to Faith
Reviewer Mary E. Hunt finds Tom Roberts’ book to be a useful introduction to an important spiritual figure.

ViewPoint LogoViewPoint
Want to Reduce Abortion? Fund Planned Parenthood
As a pro-life Christian feminist, Julia K. Stronks underscores the importance of Planned Parenthood’s work, which actually reduces abortions.

Link of the DayLink of the Day
Feminism Is: Melody Mobley—First Black Female Professional Forester
Melody Mobley was the nation’s first black female professional forester. Hers is a story of prejudice, courage, and choosing your battles.

A New View of Mary and Martha
Mark M. Mattison discusses Mary Hanson’s take on the Mary and Martha story in Luke 10, as presented in her new book and in a summary presentation at the Society of Biblical Literature’s 2015 conference.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
Different Interpretations—Different Missions
Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 6
Reta shows that the way different Christian feminist groups approach the Bible affects their perspectives on various controversial issues.


Book ReviewsBook Reviews
Earth Transformed with Music! Inclusive Songs for Worship
A hymnal by Jann Aldredge-Clanton and composer Larry E. Schultz
reviewed by Marg Herder
Sing the hymns you love with words that are contemporary and meaningful.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
Gender Disputes in Bible Translation
Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 5
Reta discusses the controversy that occurred when gender-inclusive language replaced male generic language in the TNIV Bible translation.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Grounded: Finding God in the World—A Spiritual Revolution
by Diana Butler Bass
Reviewer Letha Dawson Scanzoni says Diana Butler Bass’s “Grounded” helps us see the changing religious landscape in an exciting new way.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Rescuing Jesus: How People of Color, Women and Queer Christians Are Reclaiming Evangelicalism

by Deborah Jian Lee
Virginia Ramey Mollenkott reviews the excellent and hopeful new book that suggests evangelicalism is being reclaimed by people of color, women, and queer Christians.

Book ReviewsBook Review
True Colors: Celebrating the Truth and Beauty of the Real You
by Susan Cottrell
Kirsti Reeve provides a thorough review of Susan Cottrell’s excellent workbook written to provide support for LGBTQ Christians.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
Problems with Biblical Inerrancy – Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 4
Reta discusses some of the problems encountered when adhering to a strict inerrancy position on biblical interpretation and application.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
A Brief History of Biblical Inspiration
Reta shows how the concept of texts as divine revelation developed historically, giving rise to ideas like inerrancy and plenary inspiration.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
Oriented to Faith: Transforming the Conflict over Gay Relationships

by Tim Otto
Reviewer Virginia Ramey Mollenkott takes issue with Tim Otto’s argument in his book, Oriented to Faith.

WhereSheIsWhere She Is
The 2015 Parliament of World Religions— Sophia Lives!
A guest post by Kendra Weddle Irons
Kendra reports how CFT members are bringing word of the Divine Feminine in Christianity to the Parliament of World Religions.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections
“Is the Bible Divinely Inspired?”  
Studies in Hermeneutics—Lesson 2
In this lesson, Reta shows how different understandings of biblical inspiration can affect the interpretation and application of sacred texts.

WhereSheIsWhere She Is
Calling God “She” — It’s Just Another Pronoun!
Far from being heresy, as some claim, using female pronouns for God isn’t such a big deal. Our linguistic symbols for God are all insufficient.

Movie Reviews LogoMovie Review
Anne Eggebroten attended the premiere of “Suffragette” at the Telluride Film Festival. Read her review of the film and coverage of the panel discussion that followed.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections Bible Study Blog
Biblical Interpretation: Can We Get It Right?
Reta Halteman Finger begins a new series on biblical interpretation, using county clerk Kim Davis’s refusal to grant same-sex marriage licenses as a case study.

WhereSheIsWhere She Is
Requiem for the Rest of Us — #kellyonmymind
To quote a tweet Sister Helen Prejean sent out at 12:30 Wednesday morning, September 30, “#KellyGissendaner has been killed by the State of Georgia.”  It was reported that Kelly met her death singing “Amazing Grace.”  This is a poem written for all the people who tried to save her life.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Birth, Breath, & Death: Meditations on Motherhood, Chaplaincy, and Life as a Doula
By Amy Wright Glenn
Amy Wright Glenn’s book, “Birth, Breath, & Death,” delves deeply into broad themes of human life inspired by the author’s experiences.

Book ReviewsBook Review
American Jezebel: The Uncommon Life of Anne Hutchinson, the Woman who Defied the Puritans
By Eve LaPlante
Reviewer Anne Eggebroten loved this book by Eve LaPlante. It’s about a puritan woman who was ready and willing to challenge ignorant religious authorities.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections Bible Study Post
The Perils of God’s Mercy—Jonah 4:1-11
Reta shows how the compassion of a merciful God may be at odds with how we humans expect or want God to act—especially toward those we don’t like.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
A Different Route to the Divine Feminine
God Is Not Alone: Our Mother-the Holy Spirit
by Marianne Widmalm
Virginia Ramey Mollenkott reviews this ambitious work which argues that divine feminine references in the Bible mean there is a male God married to a female Holy Spirit who gives birth to Jesus by the baptism of the Spirit.

Coming Back from Coming Out
by Angie Best
Coming out often feels like losing everything.  This is one story about what we leave, what we lose, and looking toward what happens next.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Reflective Faith: A Theological Toolbox for Women
by Susan M. Shaw
Reviewer Rebecca L. Kiser reports that Reflective Faith provides the reader with “easy and understandable access to important tools of biblical interpretation.”

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections Bible Study Post
Changing God’s Mind—Jonah 3:1-10
Reta discusses some amazing turns in Jonah’s story as the runaway prophet finds he can’t escape God’s presence nor disregard God’s commands.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections Bible Study Post
Going down to Sheol: Jonah 2:1-10
Dr. Finger examines Jonah’s prayer inside the belly of the fish and asks us to ponder whether it’s a sincere prayer or a parody of a prayer.

ViewPointViewPoint – CBE and EEWC: Sisters after All
by Anne Eggebroten
“CBE was successful in seeking funding in the evangelical world, and its leaders worked hard to promote gender equality in the church. “

Book ReviewsBook Review
Letters from the Farm: A Simple Path for a Deeper Spiritual Life
By Becca Stevens
Reviewer Peg Conway found Stevens’ writing to be evocative, moving, and filled with hope. She thinks any person could enjoy this book for daily prayer and reflection.

Reta's ReflectionsReta’s Reflections Bible Study Post
Away from God’s Presence—Jonah 1:1-17, Studies in the Story of Jonah—Lesson 1
by Reta Halteman Finger
Dr. Finger introduces a new Bible study series on Jonah, providing background, a literary analysis, and lessons we can learn from this book.

Book ReviewsBook Review
There’s a Woman in the Pulpit: Christian Clergywomen Share Their Hard Days, Holy Moments, and the Healing Power of Humor
Martha Spong (Editor), Rev. Carol Howard Merritt (Foreword)
Reviewer Rebecca Dix loved this collection, saying, “Each story in this collection offers snippets of experience  into the spectrum of life and ministry and the messy yet beautiful shades between.”


Christian Feminism and LGBT Advocacy: Let’s Move Away from Slippery Slope Thinking
by Letha Dawson Scanzoni
Christian feminists’ advocacy of LGBT rights and equality isn’t about sliding down a slippery slope but about moving to a different paradigm.

Book ReviewsBook Review
If Eve Only Knew: Freeing Yourself from Biblical Womanhood and Becoming All God Means for You to Be
by Kendra Weddle Irons & Melanie Springer Mock
The authors explain that culture is transformed by overturning damaging messages with biblical interpretations that nurture gender equality.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Women’s Bodies as Battlefield: Christian Theology and the Global War on Women
by Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite
Reviewer Katie Deaver says this book is rooted in culture, lived experience, historical understanding, and offers a roadmap leading to a life-giving future for all.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Making Space for Intersexuals — Megan DeFranza’s Sex Differences in Christian Theology
Essential reading for anyone interested in extending justice and a Christian welcome to those who do not fit into the binary gender construct.  Reviewed by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott.

Rev. Kathryn Baker

Southwestern Michigan members met and explored forming a chapter.
The dinner and discussion of feminism and womanism was facilitated by the Rev. Katherine Baker, minister for lifelong learning and adult discipleship at Central Reformed Church in Grand Rapids.  More information here.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Salty Wives, Spirited Mothers, and Savvy Widows:  Capable Women of Purpose and Persistence in Luke’s Gospel

by F. Scott Spencer
Reta Finger says that F. Scott Spencer’s “Salty Wives, Spirited Mothers, and Savvy Widows” helps us see the women of Luke’s Gospel in a new way.

WhereSheIsA Report from the “Jobs, Justice, and the Climate” March in Toronto
A guest post by Diane Marshall
Diane shares a brief report from the “Jobs, Justice, and the Climate” March held in Toronto on July 5, 2015.

ViewPointViewPoint – The “Dirty F-Word” and Its Consequences in My Life
by Rebecca Dix
“Grasping firmly my identity as a feminist and a Christian, I could be confident that I knew God’s call in my life—even if others told me I was wrong or that my interests didn’t make sense.”

Book ReviewsBook Review
Abounding in Kindness: Writings for the People of God
by Elizabeth A. Johnson
This collection of lectures, essays, and popular pieces is a worthy intro to the work of  Catholic feminist scholar Elizabeth A. Johnson.

Where She Is Logo Block

A Charleston Lament – #BlackLivesMatter
Our cultural misunderstanding of “privilege and the other” cannot be resolved, but we must find a way to rest in the illusion of deliverance.  A poem of lament on the Where She Is blog.


A Christian Feminist Remembers Elisabeth Elliot (1926-2015)

by Letha Dawson Scanzoni
Letha Dawson Scanzoni reminisces about her ten-year correspondence and friendship with the late missionary author Elisabeth Elliot.

Book ReviewsBook Review
The Lost Sutras of Jesus: Unlocking the Ancient Wisdom of the Xian Monks
Ray Riegert and Thomas Moore, eds.
Some of the Jesus Sutras are very similar to familiar New Testament texts, but with intriguing differences.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Faith & Feminism: Ecumenical Essays
Diane Lipsett and Phyllis Trible, eds.
Faith & Feminism is an apt title for this compilation of essays.  The content of the chapters is as diverse as the title suggests.

Katie DeaverKatie Deaver, a Ph.D. candidate in theology and ethics at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, as the 2015 Nancy A. Hardesty Memorial Scholarship recipient. Click here to read more.
Click here for a printable press release.


Scarcity vs. Abundance: Moving Beyond Dualism to “Enough
by Cherice Bock
Cherice Bock says both a fear of scarcity and a relentless chase after abundance harm ourselves, our relationships, and the planet itself.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence
By Karen Armstrong
Karen Armstrong’s “Fields of Blood” is presented in engaging and accessible language, and is perfect for individual or group study. Recommended.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Immersion in the World of “Our Mother, Saint Paul”
by Beverly Roberts Gaventa.
Gaventa, attentive to good exegesis of what is written, is able to gather Paul’s thoughts– loving concern for the churches under his care.

Book ReviewsBook Review
Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church
by Rachel Held Evans
The much anticipated new book by Rachel Held Evans has a lot going for it.  But Evans’s exclusive use of androcentric God-language disappoints our reviewer.

Book Reviews

Book Review
Fruitful Embraces: Sexuality, Love, and Justice
by Evelyn Eaton Whitehead and James D. Whitehead
Reviewer Virginia Mollenkott likes this book that argues all “acts of care and compassion” please God.

Book Reviews

Book Review
Bible Women:  All Their Words and Why They Matter
by Lindsay Hardin Freeman
Reviewer Ruth Hoppin finds Bible Women to be meticulously planned, brimming with fresh insights, and fun to read.

Book Reviews

Book Review
Slouching Toward Gaytheism: Christianity and Queer Survival in America by W. C. Harris
Reviewer Virginia Mollenkott doesn’t find much agreement with Harris’s recommendation that “queers … abandon religion and spirituality altogether.”


The Civil Rights Challenge of the Coming Decade: RFRAs, Wedding Cake, and Faith
by Julia K. Stronks
In this three-part series, political science professor Julia Stronks explains ways the Supreme Court might rule on same-sex marriage. In Part 2 of the series, she addresses religious freedom questions and why some people of faith feel threatened by civil rights laws protecting LGBT people. (Part one is here, part three is here.)

ViewPoint LogoViewPoint – “Transformative Anger”
by Dr. Christy Sim
Learn about how we can facilitate opportunities for anger to be transformed into a holy advocacy.

Book Reviews

Book Review
Progressive Evangelicals and the Pursuit of Social Justice
by Brantley W. Gasaway 
Mark Olson reviews Brantley Gasaway’s book about the social justice vision of some evangelicals in the 1970s and what has happened since then.

Reta’s Reflections blog post “Postscript: The Reception of John’s Gospel”
Studies in John’s Gospel—Bible Study Lesson 48
Dr. Finger’s final lesson on the 4th Gospel examines its place in the canon and the debates about Jesus’s nature as both human and divine.

Book Reviews

Book Review
Back to the Well: Women’s Encounters with Jesus in the Gospels by Frances Taylor Gench
The stories in this book by Frances Taylor Gench are profound. With this book in hand, they will impact your life in new and refreshing ways.

Book Reviews

Book Review
Damaged Goods: New Perspectives on Christian Purity by Dianna E. Anderson
Dianna Anderson invites all people to be intentional in developing a thoughtful sexual ethic and to move beyond shame and ignorance.

Book Reviews

Book Review
Wearing God: Clothing, Laughter, Fire and Other Overlooked Ways of Meeting God by By Lauren  F. Winner
Lauren F. Winner’s book will work for group study or individual reading.  Either way you’ll find the metaphors she highlights commonplace and accessible.

Reta’s Reflections blog post “The Rehabilitation of Peter—John 21:15-25”
Studies in John’s Gospel—Bible Study Lesson 47
Reta shows how the last part of John’s Gospel ties up some loose ends about Peter’s relationship to Jesus and about the Beloved Disciple.


What Can Christians Learn from the “Mystery Dress” Phenomenon?
by Letha Dawson Scanzoni
What the social media sensation created over a dress color teaches us about different views in all areas of life.

ViewPoint – “Shades of Gray: Toward a Real-Life Christian Sexual Ethics”  Peg Conway reacts to an Illinois sexual assault with ties to the book and movie, 50 Shades of Grey. She suggests using Margaret Farley’s seven norms for evaluating a sexual relationship as a guide for establishing an affirming sexual ethic.

Reta’s Reflections blog post “A Fish Story:  Mother Jesus Serves Breakfast—John 21:1-14”
Studies in John’s Gospel—Bible Study Lesson 46
Reta discusses another of Jesus’s post-resurrection appearances, this time in the role of a mother cooking breakfast for her children.


The Supreme Court and Same-Sex Marriage: Part 1 of a Three-Part Series
by Julia K. Stronks
In Part 1 of a 3-part series, political science professor Julia Stronks explains ways the Supreme Court might rule on same-sex marriage. (Part two is here. Part three is here.

Book Reviews

Book Review
Ain’t I a Womanist Too?: Third World Womanist Religious Thought by Monica A. Coleman
The essays included in this volume illustrate the growing movement created to encourage African American women to “Lift Up Their Voices” in testimony— not to receive accolades but to light the way for those who are struggling to find the freedom to be who they are.

Reta’s Reflections blog post “A ‘Touching’ Group Appearance—John 20:19-31”
Studies in John’s Gospel—Bible Study Lesson 45
Reta discusses the disciple Thomas’s doubt and his demand for firsthand evidence before he is willing to believe in Jesus’s resurrection.

Book Reviews

Book Review
Lessons in Belonging from a Church-Going Commitment Phobe

by Erin S. Lane
Erin S. Lane’s lessons lead her, not to join her church, but to see the value in belonging to her faith community, and to being steadfast. She acknowledges that the presence of the Holy Spirit pulls her in, while what pushes her away is a continuing feeling of lost-ness.

ViewPoint – “Domestic Violence Allegations in the Faith-Based Community: How Shall We Respond?” 
Dr. Christy Sim writes that when confronted with allegations of abuse, people of faith must listen with open hearts and resist the urge to rush in to protect those in power.

Reta’s Reflections blog post “A Pivotal Reunion in the Garden—John 20:1-18”
Studies in John’s Gospel—Bible Study Lesson 44
In this lesson, Dr. Finger calls Mary Magdalene “the first apostle” because of what she knew and the task the Risen Jesus gave her to do.

ViewPoint – “Pontifical Council for Culture: Women’s Equality and Difference” 
Ashley Cason (student presenter at the 2014 EEWC-Christian Feminism Today conference) reacts to the 2015 Pontifical Council for Culture: Women’s Equality and Difference with disappointment.

Book Reviews

Book Review
Joan Chittister: Light and Wisdom

by Mary Lou Kownacki and Mary Hembrow Snyder
Jean Rodenbaugh, former PC(USA) minister and Benedictine Oblate, writes this review essay about the book, Joan Chittister: Essentials Writings. Conclusion? This book is a must-have for your library.

Book Reviews

Book Review
Whispering the Word: Hearing Women’s Stories in the Old Testament

by Jacqueline E. Lapsley
Reviewer Corbin Lambeth offers a look at Dr. Jacqueline Lapsley’s “accessible, powerful, and brilliant” book.


Evolution and Creationism: A False Dichotomy
by Sierra Donahue
Rather than opposing sides in an eternal battle, belief in God’s creation of the universe is compatible with belief in evolution.

ViewPoint – “How Marcus Borg Taught Me to Read the Bible” 
Kendra Weddle Irons remembers the great writer and scholar, Marcus Borg, who died early in 2015.

Book Reviews

Book Review
Helpmates, Harlots, and Heroes: Women’s Stories in the Hebrew Bible

By Alice Ogden Bellis
“These women are worth another look. And another. And another, and in the hands of a talented writer and researcher such as Bellis, that goes double.”  Susan Cambell reviews the book.

Where She Is Logo Block

The 2015 Gay Christian Network Conference and weconnect Women’s Retreat  
Portland, Oregon was the site of the 2015 #GCNConf. Several CFT members attended and we’re publishing interviews and reflections on the Where She Is blog.
Posts related to the 2015 Gay Christian Network Conference:
weconnect—  Featured Speaker Wendy Gritter
weconnect— Wendy Gritter Interview
An Opportunity to Practice Grace and Love by Criselda Marquez
Trauma and the LGBTQ Christian
Our Job Starts and Stops with Loving Each Other
Together At the Table: Inclusive Communion and Intimate Conversations by Erica Lea
The Words of the LGBTQ Christian Experience
Precious God, Forgive Them, Because They KNOW What They’re Doing
Dios Precioso, Perdónalos, Porque Ellos SABEN lo que Están Haciendo
The Gay Christian Network Conference: The Kingdom of God Unfolding (guest post by Marcy Bain)

New ViewPoint – “‘With his Stripes’— The Messiah Resonates in 2014” by Anne Eggebroten
Part Two of Handel’s oratorio, “The Messiah” takes on a particularly poignant meaning after the release of details about state-sanctioned torture.

ViewPoint – “Pray For Those Who Murder You” by Anne Eggebroten
“Extremists on both sides celebrate murdering the innocent. Leaders on both sides condone revenge killing. Hamas lauded the synagogue murders, and last summer most Israelis supported the bombing of civilians in Gaza.”

Book Reviews

Book Review
The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Virginia Ramey Mollenkott reviews the classic feminist novel and finds it reads differently than the way she remembers it.


Introducing the Divine Feminine Version (DFV) of the New Testament
by Mark Mattison
An editor of the DFV describes the work of creating this groundbreaking version of the New Testament.

ViewPoint – “El Dia de los Muertos” by Anne Eggebroten
Mexico’s drug war, 26,000 people missing since 2006, government officials complicit in illegal acts —The Day of the Dead takes on new meaning.

ViewPoint – “In Search of Life-Giving Christian Symbols”
by Rev. Jann Aldredge-Clanton, PhD.
“The emphasis on the cross leads to the glorification of violence and death rather than the love and abundant life that Jesus taught.”


How to Help a Victim of Domestic Violence
by Dr. Christy Sim
Dr. Christy Sim explains what to do if someone you know and love is a victim of domestic violence.

Book Reviews

Book Review
She Lives! Sophia Wisdom Works in the World

By Rev. Jann Aldredge-Clanton, PhD
A Review Essay by Letha Dawson Scanzoni

Where She Is Logo Block

“I Am in Recovery and I Am Blessed – #RecoveryMonth” 
Casey O’Leary reflects on what it means to be in recovery in this guest post. September is National Recovery Month in the US.

Book Reviews

Book Review
Mourner, Mother, Midwife:  Reimagining God’s Delivering Presence in the Old Testament
by L. Juliana M. Claassens
Reviewed by Peg Conway

2014 CFT Gathering Logo

Feminist Faith-Based Social Justice: 
How feminists of faith can collaborate to amplify our voices and deepen our collective impact by Mary E. Hunt
A plenary presentation delivered at the EEWC-Christian Feminism Today 2014 Gathering on June 27, 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Book Reviews

Book Review
The Feminist Reformation, Episcopal Style
A review essay by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott

The Story of the Philadelphia Eleven
by Darlene O’Dell
The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me: The Writings of Suzanne Hiatt
edited by Carter Heyward and Janine Lehane
Looking Forward, Looking Backward: Forty Years of Women’s Ordination
edited by Frederica Harris Thompsett

Book Reviews

Book Review
Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth
by Reza Aslan
Reviewed by Dr. Reta Halteman Finger

Book Reviews

Book Review
Convictions: How I Learned What Matters Most
by Marcus Borg
Reviewed by Rev. Becky Kiser


Hobby Lobby, Pluralism and Frustration
by Julia Stronks, J.D., Ph.D.
Professor Stronks explains the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision and how it will open the door to more litigation for years to come.

Book Reviews

Book Review
The Stories Clergywomen Tell: How Women are Challenging Sexism in the Church, Kendra Weddle Irons reviews two books about women clergy:  Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling: Equipping & Encouraging Female Pastors by Christine A. Smith; and Streams Run Uphill: Conversations with Young Clergywomen of Color by Mihee Kim-Kort.


Is There Healing for the Church’s “Mother Wound”?
by Susan Cottrell
The evangelical church seems to suffers from a “Mother Wound,” in which task-focus  completely dominates, and relationship-focus has no room to grow.

Book Reviews

Book Review
The Trans-Evangelist: The Life and Times of a Transgender Pentecostal Preacher

by Sister Paula Nielsen
Reviewed by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott

Where She Is Logo Block

“A Tiny Little Girl and a Smiling Man (#Yes All Women)”  Marg Herder describes an incident that happened to her when she was very young and how she knew, even at five years old, some men were dangerous.

Book Reviews

Book Review
Embodying the Sacred: A Spiritual Preparation for Birth

by Peg Conway
Reviewed by Greta Leinbach Kreider


Removing My Inner Blockages to Love:
How A Course in Miracles Transformed My Life
by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott
Dr. Mollenkott describes the impact “A Course in Miracles” has had on her life, and asks readers to submit their questions.

Book Reviews

Book Review
God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships

by Matthew Vines
Reviewed by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott


Climate Change and Neighbor Love
by Genny Rowley
Loving our neighbor as ourselves can serve as a theological and practical guide for dealing with climate change.

ViewPoint – Becoming Feminist: Conceiving and Creating by Karissa Knox Sorrell.  After a miscarriage, writer Karissa Knox Sorrell finds a new understanding of herself as a woman and creator.


Gaia, Sallie McFague, and You Walk into a Bar. . . Christian Ecofeminist Theology Today
by Erica Lea
Celebrate Earth Day by learning more about Christian Ecofeminist Theology. “It is not enough to talk about creation care and preservation—or even enough to make meaningful changes, big and small, for positive creation stewardship. “

Book Reviews Index

Book Review
Blind Spots and New Vision: Virginia Mollenkott’s The Divine Feminine

Reviewed by JoMae Spoelhof

Book Reviews Index

Book Review
“Mom, I’m Gay”: Loving Your LGBTQ Child without Sacrificing Your Faith

by Susan Cottrell
Reviewed by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott

Book Reviews Index

Book Reviews
The Invention of Wings: A Novel
by Sue Monk Kidd
Reviewed by Kenetha Stanton

Where She Is Logo Block

The Oriented to Love Dialog  Marg shares a week-long series of posts inspired by her participation in the Oriented to Love dialog, a program sponsored by Evangelicals for Social Action. Over the course of three days thirteen people with different opinions explored the issue of “sexual diversity and the church.”
Posts inspired by the Oriented to Love dialog:
Introduction to the Series
Of the Mystery and Miracles
Questions and Consequences
All these Words
What Am I Really Afraid Of?
The Huge Knot of Misunderstanding
The Unbelievable Bottom Line (on the Evangelicals for Social Action website)

ViewPoint – “Why Doesn’t Church Work Anymore?”  Esther Emery does have an answer.  “I wonder, sometimes, if our disenchantment with flesh-and-blood church is simply a matter of having access to a profoundly effective and spiritually satisfying alternative.”  She’s talking about the Internet.

Book Reviews Index

Book Reviews
Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint

By Nadia Bolz-Weber
Reviewed by Susan Campbell

Contraception, Religious Freedom, and the Supreme Court

Political science professor Julia Stronks explains the history, legal arguments, and principles behind the Hobby Lobby religious freedom case before the Supreme Court.

ViewPoint – “Sex-Positive Marital Fidelity and the Feminine Face of God”  Ester Emery writes, “Where the problem is objectification of the female, restoration comes in knowing the divinity of the female. Where the problem is profanity and commodification of our sexual selves, restoration comes in knowing sex as a sacred union: a mystical union between two expressions of God’s presence in the world.”

Ordered Order—Conservative Christians’ Love Affair with Hierarchy

by Letha Dawson Scanzoni
Letha discusses conservative Christians’ view of social order based on hierarchy, with assigned roles for husbands and wives.

Book Reviews Index

Book Reviews
Wounded by God’s People

by by Anne Graham Lotz
Reviewed by Kathy Vestal

When Christians Contemplate Suicide

by Cliff Williams
Philosophy professor Cliff Williams explains why some Christians have attempted suicide and how others could have helped them feel cared about.

From Kingdom to Kin-dom—and Beyond
by Reta Halteman Finger
Learn about the origin and meaning of the term “kin-dom” and why some Christians use it instead of the word “kingdom.”

There Is More than One Christian View on Homosexuality
by Letha Dawson Scanzoni
After the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA and Prop 8 it seemed there was only one Christian view presented in the media, one of intolerance.  Letha Dawson Scanzoni makes it clear that is certainly not the only Christian view.

Book Reviews Index

Book Reviews
Moral Minority: The Evangelical Left in an Age of Conservatism
by David R. Swartz
Reviewed by Mark William Olson

ViewPoint “God is Not a Guy, and Neither Am I!” by Jann-Aldredge Clanton  ViewPoint is a blog in which different writers express their personal perspectives on various topics of current interest. It’s a blog of many voices.

Old Treasures

Old Treasures Article – “The ‘She’ in My Pocket” An Old Treasure is one of our favorite articles from the print version of Christian Feminism Today which has been republished on the website.  Our latest Old Treasure feature is a 2009 article written by Marg Herder, “The ‘She’ in My Pocket.”

My Path to Christian Feminism
by Gary L. Tandy
Professor Gary Tandy tells how experience, relationships, and Jesus’ example caused him to reject restrictive church teachings on women.


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