2013 Wild Goose Festival Audio Collage

Here’s a little sound painting of the 2013 Wild Goose Festival.

Field recordings:

Moving through the crowd at the “Beer and Hymns” event
Beth Whitney’s performance
Troubadours of Divine Bliss‘ performance
Liz and Tim’s performance
Violet Burning performance
The Troubadour’s God daughter
Peyton Davis’ performance of “Mending Broken”
The French Broad River
Me, chanting by the river

Samples from the following YouTube videos:
Dale Lature’s video interview of Frank Schaeffer
Dale Lature’s video of Brian McLaren’s mainstage presentation
StoryOfAmerica’s video of Rev. Dr. William Barber’s mainstage presentation

Index and links to content about the 2013 Wild Goose Festival.



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