Being a Feminist, Being a Mom (or Not!)

Dear Kimberly, In this letter and my next one, I’d like to comment on two topics you brought up in your Sept. 24 letter. One topic  is the parent-child relationship  — especially your questions about the stereotypical image of feminists … Continue reading


Developing Wholeness in Both Men and Women

Dear Letha, When I go back and read our letters these past few weeks about parenting and gender roles, I realize again how difficult these topics are. This afternoon, I was researching well-known feminist Alice Walker and reading up on … Continue reading

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More about Gender-Based Division of Labor in the Home

Dear Kimberly, It was great reading your personal “observational study” of fathers and children delighting in their time together!   And thank you for sharing your honest inner struggles as you’ve been noticing how these warm, happy scenes contradict the more … Continue reading

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Who Can Nurture? More Thoughts on Parenting

Dear Letha, It is a very curious thing for me to sit back and try to look with a “beginner’s mind” at all these notions our society has about division of labor based on gender. Thank you for offering such … Continue reading

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Work-Family Balance: 1950s and Now

Dear Kimberly, In my post last week, I promised to tell more of my own story and continue where I left off on July 30 when we began the discussion of our reading Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique from our different generational … Continue reading

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Election Woes

Letha, I know this is a new direction from our letters this past week, but I need to talk to you about the election! Specifically, about sexism.  My good friend Stacy came storming into my kitchen last night ready to explode … Continue reading


"Nothing New Under the Sun"

Dear Kimberly, It’s hard to know where to begin in responding to your last letter — and especially the link to the video in which the pastor labeled sensitive, gentle, kind, caring, men as “chickified.” What is it about these … Continue reading