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With hundreds of reviews and articles on the Christian Feminism Today website we suggest using the search function below if you are looking for something specific.  For the adventurous and those inclined to browse, all the book reviews on the site are listed on this page in order of publication.  Jump to our site index page for an alphabetical listing by title.


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What Falls From the Sky: How I Disconnected from the Internet and Reconnected with the God Who Made the Clouds
by Esther Emery


Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife
by Ruth A. Tucker, Ph.D.

When God Was a Little Girl
by David R. Weiss (Author), Joan Hernandez Lindeman (Illustrator)

To Drink from the Silver Cup: From Faith Through Exile and Beyond
by Anna Redsand

An Introduction to Womanist Biblical Interpretation
by Nyasha Junior

A Letter to My Anxious Christian Friends: From Fear to Faith in Unsettled Times
by David P. Gushee

Bridge to the Sacred: A Collection of Interfaith Prayers
Edited by L. E. McCullough and Rev. Elizabeth Bansavage

Ferguson & Faith: Sparking Leadership & Awakening Community
by Leah Gunning Francis

I Love to Tell the Story: 100+ Stories of Justice, Wisdom, and Hope
by Reverend Dr. Nancy Wilson

The Beautiful Not Yet: Poems, Essays and Lyrics
by Carrie Newcomer

Personal Transformation and a New Creation: The Spiritual Revolution of Beatrice Bruteau
edited by Ilia Delio

Encountering God in Tyrannical Texts: Reflections on Paul, Women, and the Authority of Scripture
by Frances Taylor Gench

The Electronic Church in the Digital Age: Cultural Impacts of Evangelical Mass Media
edited by Mark Ward Sr.

Our Lives Matter: A Womanist Queer Theology
by Pamela Lightsey

Hagar Poems
by Mohja Kahf

Lady Midrash: Poems Reclaiming the Voices of Biblical Women
by Elisabeth Mehl Greene

A New Gospel for Women: Katharine Bushnell and the Challenge of Christian Feminism
by Kristin Kobes Du Mez

Femmevangelical: The Modern Girl’s Guide to the Good News
by Jennifer D. Crumpton

Queer Virtue: What LGBTQ People Know About Life and Love and How It Can Revitalize Christianity
by Rev. Elizabeth M. Edman

I (Still) Believe: Leading Bible Scholars Share Their Stories of Faith and Scholarship
Edited by John Byron and Joel N. Lohr

Christian Doctrines for Global Gender Justice
Edited by Jenn Daggers and Grace Ji-Sun Kim

Spiritual Sobriety: The Promise of Healthy Faith When Good Religion Goes Bad
by Elizabeth Esther

Hebrews (Wisdom Commentary Series; Volume 54)
by Mary Ann Beavis and HyeRan Kim-Cragg

Confronting Religious Denial of Gay Marriage: Christian Humanism and the Moral Imagination
by Catherine M. Wallace

Dear Princess Grace, Dear Betty: The Memoir of a Romantic Feminist
by Alida Brill

Blessed Are the Crazy: Breaking the Silence about Mental Illness, Family, and Church
by Sarah Griffith Lund

Embracing the Other: The Transformative Spirit of Love
by Grace Ji-Sun Kim

Joan Chittister: Her Journey from Certainty to Faith
By Tom Roberts


Earth Transformed with Music! Inclusive Songs for Worship
A hymnal by Jann Aldredge-Clanton and composer Larry E. Schultz

Grounded: Finding God in the World—A Spiritual Revolution
by Diana Butler Bass

Rescuing Jesus: How People of Color, Women and Queer Christians Are Reclaiming Evangelicalism
by Deborah Jian Lee

True Colors: Celebrating the Truth and Beauty of the Real You
by Susan Cottrell

Oriented to Faith: Transforming the Conflict over Gay Relationships
by Tim Otto

Birth, Breath, & Death: Meditations on Motherhood, Chaplaincy, and Life as a Doula
By Amy Wright Glenn

American Jezebel: The Uncommon Life of Anne Hutchinson, the Woman who Defied the Puritans
By Eve LaPlante

A Different Route to the Divine Feminine
God Is Not Alone: Our Mother-the Holy Spirit
By Marianne Widmalm

Reflective Faith: A Theological Toolbox for Women
by Susan M. Shaw

Letters from the Farm: A Simple Path for a Deeper Spiritual Life
by Becca Stevens

There’s a Woman in the Pulpit: Christian Clergywomen Share Their Hard Days, Holy Moments, and the Healing Power of Humor
Martha Spong (Editor), Rev. Carol Howard Merritt (Foreword)

If Eve Only Knew: Freeing Yourself from Biblical Womanhood and Becoming All God Means for You to Be
by Kendra Weddle Irons & Melanie Springer Mock

Women’s Bodies as Battlefield: Christian Theology and the Global War on Women
by Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite

Sex Differences in Christian Theology: Male, Female, and Intersex in the Image of God
by Megan K. DeFranza

Salty Wives, Spirited Mothers, and Savvy Widows:  Capable Women of Purpose and Persistence in Luke’s Gospel
by F. Scott Spencer

Abounding in Kindness: Writings for the People of God
by Elizabeth A. Johnson

Faith & Feminism: Ecumenical Essays
Diane Lipsett and Phyllis Trible, eds.

Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence
by Karen Armstrong

Our Mother, Saint Paul
by Beverly Roberts Gaventa

Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church
by Rachel Held Evans

Fruitful Embraces: Sexuality, Love, and Justice
by Evelyn Eaton Whitehead and James D. Whitehead

Bible Women:  All Their Words and Why They Matter
by Lindsay Hardin Freeman

Slouching Toward Gaytheism: Christianity and Queer Survival in America
by W. C. Harris

Progressive Evangelicals and the Pursuit of Social Justice
by Brantley W. Gasaway

Back to the Well: Women’s Encounters with Jesus in the Gospels
by Frances Taylor Gench

Damaged Goods: New Perspectives on Christian Purity
by Dianna E. Anderson

Wearing God: Clothing, Laughter, Fire and Other Overlooked Ways of Meeting God
by Lauren F. Winner

Ain’t I a Womanist Too?: Third World Womanist Religious Thought
by Monica A. Coleman

Lessons in Belonging from a Church-Going Commitment Phobe
by Erin S. Lane

Joan Chittister: Light and Wisdom
by Mary Lou Kownacki and Mary Hembrow Snyder

Whispering the Word: Hearing Women’s Stories in the Old Testament
By Jacqueline E. Lapsley

Helpmates, Harlots, and Heroes: Women’s Stories in the Hebrew Bible
By Alice Ogden Bellis

The Gospel of Sophia, Volume I: The Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity
By Tyla Gabriel, N.D.


The Awakening
by Kate Chopin

She Lives! Sophia Wisdom Works in the World
By Rev. Jann Aldredge-Clanton, PhD

Mourner, Mother, Midwife: Reimagining God’s Delivering Presence in the Old Testament
By L. Juliana M. Claassens

The Feminist Reformation, Episcopal Style
The Story of the Philadelphia Eleven by Darlene O’Dell
The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me: The Writings of Suzanne Hiatt edited by Carter Heyward and Janine Lehane
Looking Forward, Looking Backward: Forty Years of Women’s Ordination edited by Frederica Harris Thompsett

Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth
by Reza Aslan

Convictions: How I Learned What Matters Most
by Marcus Borg

The Stories Clergywomen Tell: How Women are Challenging Sexism in the Church
Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling: Equipping & Encouraging Female Pastors by Christine A. Smith
Streams Run Uphill: Conversations with Young Clergywomen of Color by Mihee Kim-Kort

The Trans-Evangelist: The Life and Times of a Transgender Pentecostal Preacher
by Sister Paula Nielsen

Embodying the Sacred: A Spiritual Preparation for Birth
by Peg Conway

God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships
by Matthew Vines

Prostitutes, Virgins and Mothers: Questioning Teachings About Biblical Women
by Dr. Paula Trimble-Familetti

The Divine Feminine: The Biblical Imagery of God as Female
by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott

“Mom, I’m Gay”: Loving Your LGBTQ Child without Sacrificing Your Faith
by Susan Cottrell

Eternity’s Sunrise: William Blake’s Vision of Christ
by Lloyd C. Welling

Girl at the End of the World: My Escape from Fundamentalism in Search of Faith with a Future
By Elizabeth Esther

The Invention of Wings: A Novel
by Sue Monk Kidd

Rabboni, My Love: A memoir of Jesus’ Wife, Mary Magdalene
by June Kerr

When We Were on Fire: A Memoir of Consuming Faith, Tangled Love, and Starting Over
By Addie Zierman


Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint
by Nadia Bolz-Weber

The Risk of Returning: A Novel
By Shirley and Rudy Nelson

Jesus Feminist:  An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women
by Sarah Bessey

Electrical Christianity: A Revolutionary Guide to Jesus’ Teachings and Spiritual Enlightenment
by L. Ron. Gardner

Creating a Scene in Corinth: A Simulation
by Reta Halteman Finger and George D. McClain

Rashi’s Daughters, Book I: Joheved
Rav Hisda’s Daughter, Book I: Apprentice
by Maggie Anton

mending broken: a personal journey through the stages of trauma + recovery
by Teresa B. Paquale

Bible, Gender, Sexuality: Reframing the Church’s Debate on Same-Sex Relationships
by James V. Brownson

Two Books on Violence in Scripture
by Eric A. Seibert

Wounded by God’s People
by Anne Graham Lotz

Enticed by Eden: How Western Culture Uses, Confuses, (and Sometimes Abuses) Adam and Eve
by Linda S. Schearing and Valarie H. Ziegler

Princeton, Demons, and Fundamentalists (a review essay)
The Accursed:  A Novel
by Joyce Carol Oates

Moral Minority: The Evangelical Left in an Age of Conservatism
by David R. Swartz

What You Didn’t Learn in Sunday School: Women Who Didn’t Shut Up and Sit Down
by Shawna R. B. Atteberry

Birthing God: Women’s Experiences of the Divine
by Lana Dalberg

Does Jesus Really Love Me? A Gay Christian’s Pilgrimage in Search of God in America
by Jeff Chu

Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? Christian Identity in a Multi-faith World
by Brian McLaren

A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband “Master”
by Rachel Held Evans

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor’s Journey into Christian Faith
by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield

A Strange Stirring: “The Feminine Mystique” and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s
by Stephanie Coontz

When Everything Changed:  The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present
by Gail Collins


A Time to Embrace: Same-Sex Relationships in Religion, Law, and Politics
(Second Edition)
by William Stacy Johnson.

Existential Reasons for Belief in God: A Defense of Desires and Emotions for Faith 
by Cliff Williams

Three Books on Giving Up Church
The Resignation of Eve by Jim Henderson
Higher Ground by Carolyn S. Briggs
Breaking Up with God by Sarah Sentilles
A review essay by Kendra Weddle Irons

Transforming Vision: Explorations in Feminist The*logy
by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

Changing Church: Stories of Liberating Ministers
by Jann Aldredge-Clanton

Sacred Work: Planned Parenthood and Its Clergy Alliances
by Tom Davis


Integral Christianity: The Spirit’s Call to Evolve
by Paul R. Smith

A Sword between the Sexes? C. S. Lewis and the Gender Debates
by Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen

Unfinished Lives: Reviving the Memories of LGBTQ Hate Crimes Victims
by Stephen V. Sprinkle

The Sacredness of Questioning Everything
by David Dark

Evolving in Monkey Town: How a Girl Who Knew All the Answers Learned to Ask the Questions
by Rachel Held Evans

Love Wins: A Book about Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived
by Rob Bell

Let’s Take the Long Way Home: A Memoir of Friendship
by Gail Caldwell

Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague
by Geraldine Brooks

Is It Okay To Call God “Mother”?: Considering the Feminine Face of God
by Paul R. Smith

The Heartbeat of God: Finding the Sacred in the Middle of Everything
by Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori

Living into Hope: A Call to Spiritual Action for Such a Time as This
by Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell

An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith
by Barbara Brown Taylor


The Galilean Secret: A Novel 
by Evan Drake Howard

Bulletproof Faith: A Spiritual Survival Guide for Gay and Lesbian Christians
by Candace Chellow-Hodge

Love Is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community
by Andrew Marin

Anticancer: A New Way of Life
by David Servan-Schreiber

New Feminist Christianity: Many Voices, Many Views
by Mary E. Hunt and Diann L. Neu

The Help
by Kathryn Stockett

Girldrive: Criss-Crossing America, Redefining Feminism
by Nona Willis

Jesus Girls: True Tales of Growing Up Female and Evangelical
edited by Hannah Faith Notess

Mennonite in a Little Black Dress: A Memoir of Going Home
by Rhoda Janzen

New Jewish Feminism: Probing the Past, Forging the Future
edited by Elyse Goldstein


A People’s History of Christianity: The Other Side of the Story
by Diana Butler Bass

In the Land of the Living: Prayers Personal and Public
by Kenneth L. Sehested

Roman House Churches for Today: A Practical Guide for Small Groups
by Reta Halteman Finger

God the What?  What Our Metaphors for God Reveal About Our Beliefs in God
by Carolyn Jane Bohler

Where Am I Wearing? A Global Tour of the Countries, Factories, and People that Make Our Clothes
by Kelsey Timmerman

A Friendly Letter to Skeptics and Atheists: Musings on Why God Is Good and Faith Isn’t Evil
by David G. Myers

Woman Spirit Awakening in Nature: Growing into the Fullness of Who You Are
by Nancy Barrett Chickerneo

Dating Jesus: A Story of Fundamentalism, Feminism, and the American Girl
by Susan Campbell

Taking Back God: American Women Rising Up for Religious Equality
by Leora Tanenbaum


Ruth, A Portrait: The Story of Ruth Bell Graham
by Patricia Cornwell

The Power of the Word: Scripture and the Rhetoric of Empire
by Elisabeth Schüssler

Walking with Wisdom’s Daughters: Twelve Celebrations and Stories of Women of Passion and Faith
by Gloria Ulterino

Engaging the Bible: Critical Readings from Contemporary Women
ed. Choi Hee An and Katheryn Pfisterer Darr

Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back
by Frank Schaeffer

Of Widows and Meals: Communal Meals in the Book of Acts
by Reta Halteman Finger

If Grace is True: Why God Will Save Every Person (2003)
If God is Love: Rediscovering Grace in an Ungracious World (2004)
by Philip Gulley and James Mulholland

Porch Talk: Stories of Decency, Common Sense, and Other Endangered Species
Home to Harmony
by Philip Gulley

Semisweetness and Light
by Mary Cartledgehayes

A Woman’s Place: House Churches in Earliest Christianity
by Margaret Y. MacDonald and Carolyn Osiek, with Janet Tulloch

Being Feminist, Being Christian: Essays from Academia
ed. Allyson Jule and Bettina Tate Pedersen.

The Misunderstood Jew: The Church and the Scandal of the Jewish Jesus
by Amy-Jill Levine


Diana Butler Bass’s Christianity for the Rest of Us
A Conversation with the Author

Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith
by Barbara Brown Taylor


Confessions of a Christian Humanist
by John W. de Gruchy

Junia: The First Woman Apostle
by Eldon Jay Epp


My Life So Far
by Jane Fonda

What God Has Joined Together? A Christian Case for Gay Marriage
by David G. Myers & Letha Dawson Scanzoni

The Truth Book: Escaping a Childhood of Abuse Among Jehovah’s Witnesses
by Joy Castro

When Men Were the Only Models We Had: My Teachers Barzun, Fadiman, Trilling
by Carolyn G. Heilbrun

Broken We Kneel: Reflections on Faith & Citizenship
by Diana Butler Bass

Refuge From Abuse;
by Nancy Nason-Clark & Catherine Clark Kroeger

Silent Lives: How High a Price?
by Sara L. Boesser

Faith Cure: Divine Healing in the Holiness and Pentecostal Movements
by Nancy A. Hardesty

Church on Trial? A Mother’s Perspective
by Carolyn Paige


Soul Sisters: Women in Scripture Speak to Women Today
by Edwina Gateley, with art by Louis Glanzman

Early Christian Families in Context: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue
edited by David L. Balch and Carolyn Osiek

Evangelical Identity and Gendered Family Life
by Sally K. Gallagher

Gender, Ethnicity, and Religion: Views from the Other Side
edited by Rosemary Radford Ruether

Eve’s Revenge: Women and a Spirituality of the Body
by Lilian Calles Barger

Oh, What a Difference God Makes! The Religious Beliefs and Lives of Sigmund Freud and C. S. Lewis
a review essay by Elizabeth Bowman, M.D. of The Question of God by Armand M. Nicholi, Jr., M.D.


Growing into God
book by Edwina Gateley, music by Kathryn Christian

After the Locusts: Letters from a Landscape of Faith
by Denise M. Ackermann, foreword by Desmond Tutu

Growing Old in Christ
edited by Stanley Hauerwas, Carole Bailey Stoneking, Keith G. Meador, and David Cloutier

Gather into One: Praying and Singing Globally
by C. Michael Hawn

Matthew and Empire: Initial Explorations
by Warren Carter

25 Years in the Garden
by Jeanette Stokes

“Another Blind Spot Exposed”
a review essay by Reta Halteman Finger (discusses Postcolonial Feminist Interpretation of the Bible by Musa W. Dube, and Decolonizing Biblical Studies: A View from the Marginsby Fernando F. Segovia.)

Strength for the Journey: A Pilgrimage of Faith in Community
by Diana Butler Bass


Holy Boldness: Women Preachers’ Autobiographies and the Sanctified Self 
by Susie C. Stanley

The Secret Life of Bees
by Sue Monk Kidd

A Woman of Salt — A Novel
by Mary Potter Engel

Bethlehem Road
by Nancy Crowe

The Red Tent, and Good Harbor
by Anita Diamant

10 Lies the Church Tells Women: How the Bible Has Been Misused to Keep Women in Spiritual Bondage
by J. Lee Grady

Leading Ladies: Transformative Biblical Images for Women’s Leadership
by Jeanne Porter

Wisdom Ways: Introducing Feminist Biblical Interpretation
by Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza

A New Religious America: How a “Christian Country” Has Become the World’s Most Religiously Diverse Nation
by Diana L. Eck

Jesus Through Jewish Eyes: Rabbis and Scholars Engage an Ancient Brother in a New Conversation
edited by Beatrice Bruteau


Christ For All Peoples: Celebrating a World of Christian Art
edited by Ron O’Grady

The Wisdom of Daughters: Two Decades of Christian Feminism
edited by Reta Halteman Finger and Kari Sandhaas

Out of the Depths: The Story of Ludmila Javorova,
Ordained Roman Catholic Priest 

by Miriam Therese Winter

Sabbath Sense: A Spiritual Antidote for the Overworked
by Donna Schaper

“Is It a Boy or a Girl?”
a review essay by Elizabeth Bowman, M.D. of Omnigender: A Trans-religious Approach by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott


Dance of the Dissident Daughter:
A Woman’s Journey from Christian Tradition to the Sacred Feminine

by Sue Monk Kidd

The Story of Ruth:
Twelve Moments in Every Woman’s Life

by Joan Chittister

Women Called to Witness: Evangelical Feminism in the Nineteenth Century, 2nd edition
by Nancy A. Hardesty


Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith
by Anne Lamott

The Call to the Soul: Six Stages of Spiritual Development
by Marjory Zoet Bankson


The Inclusive Bible
by The Priests for Equality