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Web Explorations

Web Explorations for Christian Feminists

by Letha Dawson Scanzoni

Web Explorations for Christian Feminists is a digest of annotated links, leading to websites and webpages where you can read articles, listen to audio podcasts, watch videos, or preview movie trailers.

I believe that we who describe ourselves as Christian feminists have a responsibility before God to continually expand our knowledge of the world and the times in which we live, including relating to (and working with) our sisters and brothers of other faiths or no faith, while together seeking justice, practicing compassion, and demonstrating neighbor-love to all people. Availing ourselves of the rich resources on the Internet can help us do that.  (For additional annotated links, see my other feature, “Link of the Day,” and scroll through the list of past links as well.)



Spring-Summer 2012
Devotional reflections, women and work, women and family, women and reproductive issues, female genital mutilation reconstructive surgery, Christians and evolution, more… 

Winter 2012
Children, LGBT Social Justice, God and Gender, Writings by Amy-Jill Levine, more… 


2011 Issue
Women’s History Month, TED talks, Jay Bakker, Rosemary Ruether speaks out on mental illness, more…


Fall Issue
Our understandings of God, Caring about our sisters and brothers around the world, life stories, LGBT concerns (including bullying), our bodies and body-image concerns, more…

Summer Issue
Prayer, worship and living in faith, the importance of gender equality, “Fish Out of Water,” LGBT documentary, issues confronting religious institutions, more…

Spring Issue
Feminists speak out on the Roman Catholic sex abuse crisis, Feminists are needed in all age groups, online video and DVD recommendations, more…

Winter Issue
Phyllis Tickle interview, Mary Daly’s life and death, Jimmy Carter’s December 2009 speech on religious discrimination against women,  Evangelist Anne Graham Lotz interview, more…


Fall Issue
Gloria Steinam interview, Half the Sky, Courtney Martin on Palin, feminism, and femininity, Muslim women uncover myths about the Hijab, more…

Summer Issue
Relationships, Women’s bodies, body image, and beauty standards, Women and the legal system, Violence against women, Women misunderstood, more…

Winter Issue
Reuther’s book Catholic Does Not Equal the Vatican, How Sarah Palin helped feminism, Why the church fears gay marriage, Movie and DVD recommendations, Feminist blogs, more…


Fall Issue
Four essays on grief,  Imprisonment of Iranian women’s rights activists, UN report on women’s equality, DVD recommendations, more…

Summer Issue
Biblical manhood conference, Women’s educational opportunities, Children’s perceptions of their mother’s breast cancer, Kathryn Cramer Brown’s “Stations of the Cross: The Weight of Dust,” more… 

Spring Issue
Women’s history timeline, Sharia law dispute in the U.K., What lessons will girl’s take from Hillary, Feminist Jews revive ritual bath for women, more…


Fall Issue
Randy Pausch, Female genital mutilation in Egypt, L’abri Fellowship, Nora Gallagher on dropping the bomb, more…

Summer Issue
Online video of Joy Caroll Wallis and Jim Wallis, Phelps family BBC documentary, “Blogging” the Bible, more…

Spring Issue
On Faith series in the Washington Post, Bible Gateway, Quiverfull video,  For the children in your life, more…


2006 Issue
Barbara Brown Taylor, DVD and online video recommendations, more…


Fall Issue 
Matthew Fox and creation spirituality, Peggy Michael-Rush award winning sermon, Christian Feminism seminar, lack of women orchestral conductors, more…

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Conflict Resolution

Women and Work

Silencing women’s voices in music and art over history



World Population, Poverty, and Reproductive Health



Violence Against Women (part 2)

Violence Against Women

Women’s Health

Feminist Theology


Women’s History

Children and the Internet

Women’s Ordination and Ministry