A Year of Anti-Racism Work

June 4, 2020

In this Link of the Day, Michelle Panchuk offers a list of ideas for “A Year of Anti-Racism Work.”

In the introduction to her compiled list, Panchuk writes, “watching police violence erupt around the country this week should horrify us all. Realizing that this violence is a response to protests against the police murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor should horrify us even more. It is easy in moments like these to become overwhelmed with grief, rage, and a sense of helplessness. But for those of us who are white, life without a constant awareness of racism will soon return. Most of us do not worry that our child or father will be killed while playing in the yard or out for a run. We cannot even imagine a world in which we might be shot by the police in our own homes while we sleep. So we forget. We lose our zeal for justice as (our) lives return to normal, and we get busy with jobs, families, and our own (real) problems.”

Click here to read Michelle’s excellent list.


posted by Dr. Katie M. Deaver

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