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Where She Is

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The author of Christian Feminism Today’s Where She Is blog, Lē Weaver (Marg Herder), is a writer, musician, photographer, and sound artist interested in the exploration of the intersection between incarnation and Divinity.

Lē hopes hir attempts to find words, images, and sounds to illuminate God’s presence here might be some help in understanding our ultimate purpose, to surrender ourselves to the Divine Presence, releasing the stories we create for ourselves, and instead allowing our lives to fill with Her love, kindness, and peace.

On the Where She Is blog the reader can look forward to essays, poetry, visual art, music, interviews, and more.

Lē refers to the Divine Presence using female pronouns.  Hence the title of this blog, Where She Is.  For more information on why Lē refers to God in this way read The “She” In My Pocket on this website and “The Power Of an Unexpected Pronoun” on the God Is Not a Guy website.

Lē serves as the Director of Public Information for Christian Feminism Today, however the work published on this blog should not be construed as representative of the organization.

Click here to read the Where She Is blog.