Ancestor Alphabet

Keyboard with letters in Hebrew and English

by Alicia Jo Rabins

I see the shape of the Alef and the shape of the Lamed
I see the shape of the final Tzadi and the shape of the Hay
I see the shape of your Nose and the shape of your Hands
Which are the same shape as your father’s Hands
We first kissed in a Bar after he gave me a small plastic Fish
Purchased in Chinatown now he is cleaning up the Kitchen
Listening to a Podcast I see the shape of the dead Tulips
Beginning to crumple upon themselves in the Vase
I hear a fake English Accent it’s a Comedy Podcast
I hear Anxiety beneath the listening I see petals turn Brown
I see Worms under the Earth I see many Leaves I see Toys and Books
A rumpled Couch a Bowl of Pink Salt with a Tiny Spoon
O Asherah keep us safe
I see Heaven I see Bed I see Mirror I see Porridge
I feel the Ancients watching us I watch you as you sleep



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