Angela Bonavoglia Writes a To-Do List for Pope Francis

February 7, 2014

Angela Bonavoglia has a few ideas for Pope Francis.  Specifically a to-do list on women. Noting that she has been moved by how the Pope has addressed some tough issues, she is nonetheless disappointed in the way he has responded to women’s issues.

In her excellent post Angela doesn’t mince words, and doesn’t leave anything out.

Here is an excerpt from point number three:

“Actually, what we need is for you and your brother prelates to stop demonizing leading Catholic feminist theologians and integrate their analyses into mainstream Catholic theology. I implore you to heed the words of brilliant Catholic feminist theologians like Fordham’s Sister Elizabeth Johnson — of late censured by the US bishops for daring to highlight biblical passages where Jesus portrays God as female — that “Christ is the source of revelation, and we learn about Christ through Scripture and tradition… Feminism is a way of interpreting Scripture and tradition from the viewpoint of women,” making this a crucial “new moment of revelation in the Church.”

Read more from “For Pope Francis: A To-Do List on Women” on the Huffington Post blog.

posted by Marg Herder

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