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Debra C. Rufini was born in 1971 into a loving Christian family. She is a woman of many parts: An artist, a thinker, published poet, former Samaritan, former Kate Bush look-alike. She is the host of The Debra Rufini Show, with ArtistFirst Radio Network in New York, which covers a variety of topics, featuring a variety of guests. Her book, The Artist’s Page is a poetic short story, urging a search for the Designer of life's most valuable piece of art. It tells of an Artist who has just completed a ‘work of love’ – a gift for any of the takers. The book is written for the purpose to empower readers to search for the Designer of the incredible piece of art we see before us; God’s Beautiful Creation. For Rufini, this project was a unique collaboration. The book is also extremely visual, and to provide the perfect illustrations, she partnered with the epic creative talents of Dina Kalo, whose work makes the message come to life. It is ideal for anyone on a spiritual journey, spiritually seeking, or spiritually sceptical.

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