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Our Christian Feminism Today blogs offer our readers a unique opportunity to experience the words of contemporary Christian feminists (of all ages!) as they discuss a variety of compelling topics.

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Reta’s Reflections — Bible Study

Reta’s Reflections is a series of Bible studies taught by Reta Halteman Finger. Whether she is teaching in a college or seminary classroom, or speaking to her readers through the pages of a book, or addressing attendees at an EEWC-Christian Feminism Today conference, Reta generously shares her gifts as a biblical scholar and communicator. Through this blog, an even wider audience can benefit from her insights. She is especially skilled in relating the Bible to today’s issues and in getting others involved in discussing the material she presents.

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Where She Is

Marg Herder hopes her work will illustrate Where She Is, where and how we experience the Divine Presence, releasing the stories we create for ourselves, and instead allowing our lives to fill with Her love, kindness, and peace.

The blog title is also a play on words and refers to where Marg is, too!  Marg attends various conferences and events, representing Christian Feminism Today and writing about her experiences.

On the Where She Is blog the reader can look forward to essays, poetry, visual art, music, interviews, and more.

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ViewPoint LogoViewpoint — Voices of Christian Feminism

ViewPoint is a blog in which different writers express their personal perspectives on various topics of current interest. It’s a blog of many voices.

ViewPoint is a forum for discussion. The Latin word forum referred to the ancient Roman public square, where people assembled to address matters of significance.

ViewPoint essays stand on their own and can address anything the writer is thinking about if the chosen topic would be of interest to Christian feminists. There’s a change of writers from post to post, unlike our other blogs which feature the same “regulars” in ongoing presentations or conversations.

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Link of the Day

Here we feature links leading to some great web destinations.

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Frequently Asked Questions Blog

The Christian Feminism Today Frequently Asked Questions blog was created as a means of answering questions posed by website visitors (and members) about feminism, Christianity, Christian feminism, and our organization.

Rev. Dr. Rebecca Kiser and Dr. Anne Linstatter provide most of the answers to the questions posed by our readers.

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Archived Blogs


FemFaith is an intergenerational conversation among three Christian feminists: Kendra Weddle Irons, Melanie Springer Mock, and Letha Dawson Scanzoni. The name comes from our desire to be “feminists, faithfully” and to show how our Christian faith and our feminism connect, draw upon, and foster growth in both areas.

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The 72-27 blog was written by Letha Dawson Scanzoni and Kimberly B. George. As they launched it in the summer of 2008, they were aware that the digits of their respective ages were exactly reversed. Letha was 72 and Kimberly was 27, hence the title and the numeric nicknames they use for their posts.  Letha Dawson Scanzoni and Kimberly B. George concluded 72-27 in November of 2011.

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