But if we have not love…

May 23, 2014

The momentum for marriage equality is building in the United States. As of this posting, 19 states have recognized the legality of same-sex marriage or realized that bans against it are unconstitutional. Nevertheless, progress is agonizingly slow, and the topic continues to spur passionate and often vitriolic exchanges between opposing voices. Regrettably the conversation is especially perilous within the Christian community.

In an effort to promote healthy dialogue among Christians, today’s Link features a blog post from Vicky Beeching, who suggests the first place we ought to start when engaging in conversations over marriage equality is not with Bible quotes, but with love and mutual affection in spite of theological tension. In the spirit of Easter, Ms. Beeching offers incarnation as a core concept for healthy dialogue. As with Christ, the key for incarnation is taking on another’s reality “to experience it and bear the burdens that come with it.”

When we allow ourselves to see through others’ eyes, we can take a step closer to understanding, and to love. This is the heart of Jesus, and it must be on the heart of his people if they are to honor him, especially when experiencing tension over marriage equality.

Read Vicky’s blogpost here: LGBT Theology #1

posted by Corbin Lambeth

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