How Can Women Become Fully Included Christians?

April 9, 2015

Trelawney Grenfell-Muir:

“Language both reflects and shapes our worldviews. Do we truly believe God/ess has a Y chromosome? I highly recommend Rosemary Radford Ruether’s book Sexism and God-Talk. When we use predominantly male language for God/ess, that sends a clear message that God/ess is more male than female – thus, men are more like God/ess than women. Johan Galtung defines this kind of male chosen-ness as ‘cultural violence.'”


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Lē Isaac Weaver
Lē Weaver identifies as a non-binary writer, musician, and feminist spiritual seeker. Their work draws attention to: the ongoing trauma experienced by women and LGBTQIA people in this “Christian” society; Christ/Sophia’s desire that each of us move deeper into our own practice of non-violence; and the desperate need to move away from an androcentric conception of God.