If you can’t accept me at my worst…

February 12, 2014

The popular phrase, “If you can’t accept me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best,” is often (mis)attributed to Marilyn Monroe. It seems to be one of those internet quote-memes that won’t die and is usually plastered on Twitter feeds and Facebook pages in some sort of this-is-who-I-am-so-deal-with-it fashion. If you’re like me, perhaps you have even echoed the sentiment, especially after an exchange with an exceptionally critical or uncharitable individual.

Matt Walsh asks his readers to reconsider what posters of the phrase are really asking strangers, friends, and family members to endure: “Are you such a gem that they should thank God for the opportunity to be emotionally abused by you, if only it earns them a chance to bask in the glow of your superiority?”

Suddenly I find myself liking the quote a bit less. Walsh suggests that we would do better to work at earning the grace and love others already give us, rather than merely expecting to collect what we have not earned. God may work that way, but other folks don’t.

Read the entire article here on the Huffington Post.

posted by Corbin Lambeth

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