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September 5, 2019

As active readers of the Christian Feminism Today website the majority of us wouldn’t be surprised to find out that feminists can indeed be spiritual, faithful, practicing Christians.  But just a couple of months ago we were contacted by an intern at the LA Times who wanted to explore that very topic.

Take a look at how the article took shape on the HS Insider page of the Los Angeles Times.


posted by Dr. Katie M. Deaver


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  1. Thanks, Katie, for posting this fine work last July by a high school student interviewing young women on Christian feminism. I looked for it on the LA Times website and “search” doesn’t produce it, nor is it on the site map. I realized it’s actually a blog on WordPress. Anyway, I’m glad Aimee Bonar was interested in this topic and I will contact her to follow up locally. Kudos to our website for coming up #2 in Google searches of the words “Christian feminism”!


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