Christian Feminism Today Comment Policy

Discussion is encouraged on the Christian Feminism Today website and social media pages.  Most posts and articles have commenting enabled.

The members, supporters, and editors of Christian Feminism Today believe that we are called to act in the world with kindness and humility, showing respect and compassion toward our fellow beings.  We try to ensure that these values are respected in the discussions taking place on our website and social media pages.  Passionate responses are fine; name calling, unkind remarks, threats, excessive use of profanity, and personal attacks are not.

Where the line is drawn is totally up to the Christian Feminism Today editors.

Authors of comments deemed as inappropriate may, if time allows, be contacted and offered the opportunity to edit their comment to better conform to our comment policy.  At other times inappropriate comments may simply be deleted without notice.

Comments must be relevant to the topic under discussion.

A person attempting to repeatedly post inappropriate comments will be banned without notice.


No solicitation of products is allowed.  Linking to a specific book or product is fine if it relates to the topic under discussion, but linking to your online store is not.  Linking to your organization or personal website is fine.

Special Note:

Our organization’s theology and/or political orientation should not be assumed to be that of any one member, speaker, author, or commenter. The views represented on webpages we link to from this website do not necessarily represent the views of our organization or an endorsement of view set forth on those pages.

General Comments – Technical Issues

General comments of interest to Christian feminists (not relating to a specific article or post) can be submitted using the “Letter to the Editor” form located here.  Technical issues should be submitted on the web administrator contact form located here.


Last revised August 8, 2018.