Why Christians Need Feminism

May 28, 2014

Recently “why Christians need feminism” seems to be a trending blog topic.

Huffington Post Religion’s Eliel Cruz offers “11 Reasons . . .,” and no matter how many of the other posts on this topic you have read, Eliel’s might be worth your time.  With a little history, a little theology, a little culture, a little patriarchy, a little sexism, and a little Scripture, he provides a good overall view of the theme, even for those of us who don’t need any convincing.

Read the article here.

I do question the assertions that the woman caught in adultery and the woman who who washed Jesus’ feet with her hair were Mary Magdalene, although I have heard that many times.  If you can provide the needed reference/evidence please feel free to do so by commenting on this post.

posted by Kathy Vestal


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