Christians Protest Indiana Anti-Gay Law

April 3, 2015

Conversations regarding Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) seem to be dominated by one of two sides, with opposition coming from celebrities and businesses, and religious conservatives in full agreement. Today’s link, however, comes from Mark Stern, writer for Slate, who calls attention to the fact that the Disciples of Christ called on the Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, to veto the RFRA bill before it was signed into law (the Disciples of Christ leadership has since announced they will move their convention).

Stern cites several other religious groups who support full LGBTQ equality, and makes the point that anti-gay Christians do not speak for Christianity itself, much less the other faith communities that call the United States home. He also argues that it is the responsibility of Christians who support equality to not let the conversation be dominated by voices of hate and ugliness.

“Despite their frequent claims to the contrary, anti-gay Christians do not hold a monopoly on the interpretation of their faith. Although conservatives have strived to depict marriage equality as a grave threat to religious liberty, millions of devout Christians across every denomination enthusiastically support equal dignity for gay people. The future of gay rights in America is most likely in these Christians’ hands. Atheists, agnostics, and Reform Jews already overwhelmingly support full LGBTQ equality. At this point, only tolerant Christians can push back against the absurd and insulting idea that the only valid reading of the Bible is an anti-gay one.”

Read Mr. Stern’s article here: Devout Christians Protest Indiana Law

Readers can see more of Slate’s coverage of the Indiana Law on this link.


Corbin Lambeth
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