“Disabled” Mannequins and the Worship of Physical Perfection

January 13, 2014

Pro Infirmis is an organization that advocates for people with disabilities.  To raise awareness they released a video documenting a very interesting project.  The video title is “Who Is Perfect, Anyway?” and it comments on our societal worship of perfect bodies.

Pro Infirmis hired out the creation of mannequins based on the bodies of several disabled people.  The mannequins were then put on display in Zurich store fronts, to commemorate International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Read more and watch the video on Huffington Post Style.


Sharon Billings
Sharon Billings, Council member and former EEWC Coordinator, writes that her review came from her heart and her humanity as well as from her studies and work in psychotherapy, feminist spirituality, and spiritual direction.


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