Do not tell me God is light

by Meg Judge

Black and white photo of tree silhouettes in a forest with the sun setting in the background.

Do not tell me God is light
My God is dark
She slithers through the crevices
of night
and kisses pain with love
drenched in blackest ink

She creeps about
in alleyways
with burnt out lamps
to find the lost
and wrap them in
silence and delight

She hides under
creaking attic floorboards
singing haunting lullabies
to the forlorn and the forgotten

She tiptoes amidst
the almost corpses
of fading hope
and reaches out
with blood stained
hands of truth and agony

Do not tell me God is light
My God is dark
And She will find you
in every tormented night
until you can see
that it is you
who is the light

Meg Judge
Meg Judge draws inspiration from her inner and outer lives, using her writing to unpack the deep truths of her past, present, and future through a lens of self-compassion and love. Her hope is that in sending her work into the world, it will resonate with the hearts of kindred souls, foster awareness, and perpetuate beauty.


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