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Support Christian Feminism Today Financially


Christian Feminism Today invites you to support our mission by making a tax-deductible contribution to the organization. Another way to help support us is by clicking through our site when you make an Amazon.com purchase.

Your donation goes to help CFT by supporting our outreach to women and men around the world with the biblical message of gender equality and inclusiveness. It enables the organization to remain strong and stable, and continues to provide a variety of resources that set women and men free to serve God, one another, and the world. Any donation amount is appreciated!

Click here to check out our latest fundraising campaign, or scroll down to make a general donation.

Membership information is here.

Pledges are greatly appreciated.  You set the amount and the donation frequency.  Click here for more information on making a pledge to support CFT.

You can also  support us by clicking through our site to purchase books, music, or any other item from Amazon.com.  Just click on the book or CD cover image on any book or music review page on our site to purchase that item through Amazon.com.  CFT receives a portion of the purchase.  Additionally, when you click through the special link at the bottom of this page to go directly to Amazon.com, CFT will receive a commission on every item you purchase during that visit.



Donate by Sending a Check Via USPS

Click to open and print the Christian Feminism Today Donation/Pledge Form to include with your check or money order donation.  Donations sent via the postal service should be mailed to:

Christian Feminism Today
PO Box 78171
Indianapolis, IN  46278

Donate Online via PayPal

Use the button below to make a general (unrestricted) donation to CFT. You will be able to enter your own donation amount.


Use the button below to make a donation specifically targeted to support CFT conferences and gatherings.  You will be able to enter your own donation amount.


Use the button below to make a donation specifically for use to provide scholarships for CFT conferences and gatherings. You will be able to enter your own donation amount.


Amazon Smile Program

To learn about the Amazon Smile program click here.

Basically, the Amazon Smile program allows you to support CFT by shopping on smile.amazon.com (instead of amazon.com).  A portion of the purchase price of certain products is donated automatically to CFT.  You do not have to create a new Amazon account, but you do have to select Evangelical and Ecumenical Women’s Caucus as your charity.


Amazon Smile Program

When you shop on Amazon by starting at smile.amazon.com we can get .5 % of your purchase amount as a donation.  You must select “Evangelical and Ecumenical Women’s Caucus” as your charity for us to get the donation.  You can change your selected charity at any time.

By the way, we earn more commission on the click-thru fundraising link below, but using Amazon Smile is easier.


Amazon.com Click-thru Fundraising Link

You can support CFT simply by purchasing items from Amazon.com.  Click through to the Amazon home page using the link below.  A portion of your purchase price for ANY ITEM you buy will go to CFT!


iGive Donation Program

Use iGive to purchase from 1500 online stores and a donation goes to Christian Feminism Today.  Simply sign up, select your cause, and click through to your online store destination. Read how it works here.  View a list of participating online stores (this page takes a while to load).

Go to iGive.com to sign up.

Select EEWC-CFT as your cause by searching for “Evangelical & Ecumenical Women’s Caucus.”