You Don’t Get to Pick and Choose

May 1, 2014

“You don’t get to pick and choose people. If you’re picking and choosing your clobber texts in order to pick and choose people, then you’re misreading and misapplying those texts. You’re wrong about those texts and you’re wrong about those people.”

Fred Clark. writing on his Slacktivist blog on Patheos, explains how “clobber texts” were used to exclude Gentiles from the early church, and how the same thing has been happening over the last 2000 years, but with different groups of people.

“The particulars of the dispute have changed over the centuries, but the argument remains the same. The two sides of the argument are still arguing the very same thing. ‘You can’t pick and choose texts,’ one side says. And the other side responds, ‘No, you can’t pick and choose people.’ ”

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posted by Marg Herder

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