Eight Arizona Churches Attack “Progressive” Christianity

May 25, 2015

John Shore, writing on his Patheos blog, tells us about “…eight churches of various Protestant denominations in Fountain Hills, AZ, [that] have put aside their usual interchurch rivalries and come together in order to combat an enemy common to them all: progressive Christianity.”

“The sole progressive church in Fountain Hills—the de facto target of the Gang of 8′s campaign—is The Fountains, a United Methodist church pastored by the estimable David Felten, author of Living the Questions: The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity (the curriculum for which is now being used in over 6,000 churches around the world).”

Read about this situation, and see the ad the 8 churches placed in the local newspaper.

But more importantly, read Shore’s next post highlighting a response written and signed by a group of Arizona PC (USA) clergy, taking the pastor of the one PC (USA) church in the “Gang of 8” to task for creating a “false dichotomy” and participating in a campaign that is “not in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

posted by Le Isaac Weaver

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