Enough with the Virginity Metaphors

July 4, 2014

I once had virginity described to me, by a trusted adult, using a rose metaphor:

A woman has virginity just like a rose has petals, beautiful and pure. A rose is not as beautiful without the petals, just like when a woman loses her virginity before marriage.

I was quite young when I was told this, but the imagery is still vivid in my mind. The adult clearly did not consider the negative implications this might have on a young woman—only thought that the harsh imagery of “the unwanted” might entice me to stay abstinent and “pure.”

Sarah Schwartz, in her blog post, “Used Cars,” tells a similar tale of a metaphor gone wrong. This kind of metaphor leaves women feeling broken, unworthy, and unloved. Sarah writes with striking conviction that, “…God is much more interested in having us engage with our sexuality in a holistic manner… that does not divide our hearts from what’s in our pants.”

It’s time to say, “enough is enough,” and learn from these tragic metaphors.

Read the post, “Used Cars,” by Sarah Christine Schwartz on her blog.

posted by Jennifer Newman


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