Faith Fowler — Being There for Detroit

October 9, 2014

Faith Fowler is the pastor of the Cass Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Detroit, and Executive Director of Cass Avenue Social Services.  Her faith and devotion to social justice have led her to make a difference in the lives of many people.  She is someone you ought to know about.

“Eight years after coming to the church, she founded Cass Community Social Services, which has blossomed into one of Detroit’s most effective and original charitable agencies — creating everything from apartment buildings for transitional clients to a green warehouse turning the city’s garbage into retail products, from floor mats to sandals that are selling, online, around the world.

“‘Just seeing how happy the people are who have jobs, that’s the best part,’ she says. ‘We actually got some criticism, because when we bought the warehouse, people wanted to help us hand out furniture and clothes and stuff.'”

Read the rest of Mitch Albom’s Detroit Free Press article here.

Her book, This Far By Faith, can be purchased on Amazon.

posted by Marg Herder

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