#FaithFeminisms – Christian Marriage Is: Mutual Submission

July 31, 2014

From the blog, Saturday Afternoon Photography, Chelsea Melendez discusses her explorations of Christian marriage and how this has often been misrepresented by conservative evangelical voices of the past and present.

“I think Paul was intentionally unclear when he wrote verses on marriage. There are no clear ways to how Paul wants women and men to put these verses into practice. What I mean is that Paul never explicitly states, ‘women should stay in the home,’ or ‘men are the authority figures of the home,’ which tends to be the common held views of conservative evangelicals in the church. Instead Paul remains rather vague in his ideas, so how it should be lived out in marriage will look different in each marriage.”

Read “Mutual Submission #FaithFeminisms” here.

posted by Corbin Lambeth


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