#FaithFeminisms Feature Week Concludes with More Links!

August 1, 2014

For the index of the 100+ #FaithFeminisms posts, click here.

I’m wrapping up our week of featuring posts from the #FaithFeminisms blog round-up by highlighting two posts and linking to many more. I just couldn’t narrow it down to only one!

I hope you’ll have time over the weekend to enjoy this rich selection of writing by feminists of faith.

First up, Mihee Kim-Kort brings us her essay, “On God Talk.”

From her post:

“I had been asleep, maybe dead for awhile, until I began to speak about God – to speak about faith and church, my family, and about racism and sexism. I spoke about my life, and I didn’t need to qualify it or explain it, defend it or have someone else affirm it. And speaking brought logos-life to my bones, and the resurrection somehow meant more when I saw that God was not man or a white man but someone who shared in my humanity right down to the core of my struggles. God became possibility, the ground of all being, חסד (the Hebrew word hesed – ‘steadfast love,’  ‘kindness,’ ‘loving-kindness,’ ‘mercy,’ ‘loyalty’), continuous and constant presence, Wisdom and grace, giver of life, flesh-and-blood passion and love, and beyond-words.”

Read “#FaithFeminisms – On God Talk” here.

Next I want to call your attention to a post by CFT contributor and Orthodox Christian Karissa Knox Sorrell. Her essay, “Rethinking Feminism,” responds to the anti-feminist stance some women have taken.

“I would love to change the negative perspective of feminism that exists in some areas of Christendom, and to encourage Christians who are anti-feminist to consider that we probably have more in common than they think.”

Read Karissa Knox Sorrell’s “Rethinking Feminism” here.

Finally I just have say that so many of the posts in this blog round-up are well worth reading! Karissa Knox Sorrell’s is not the only essay by a Christian Feminism Today writer.  Other CFT contributors participating include: Esther Emery, Erin LaneSusan CottrellPeg Conway, Marg Herder, Deb Vaughn, and Jann Aldredge-Clanton who rightfully, linked to her whole website!

For the index of the 100+ #FaithFeminisms posts, click here.

posted by Marg Herder

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