Feeding the Misogynistic Monster

July 3, 2014

As the CFT family recently met in St. Louis for the 2014 Gathering, another group was meeting in Detroit. The Detroit conference was to promote men’s issues, and while we might dream that such a mission would include advocating for justice and equality as a partner with the likes of Christian feminists, the reality was a nightmare. As Time journalist, Jessica Roy, reports, the Men’s Rights Conference did little to address legitimate issues for men (their suicide rate is four times higher than that of women, for example), and instead chose to work itself up into a misogynistic frenzy.

Today’s link is not a fun read, but those who work through it may find themselves thinking that the Detroit attendees could greatly benefit from a little Christian feminism. Their fear and hatred of women, as well as their own self-loathing is mired in a misunderstanding of what God values and who She calls people to be.

Though we may be discouraged at such misogynistic monster-feeding, knowing what is out there can help us redouble our efforts not in violence and anger, but in love, mercy, and advocacy.

Read Jessica Roy’s exposé here.

posted by Corbin Lambeth

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  1. Thank you for making it possible to know of this, reaffirming my commitment to universal justice, especially economic – i.e. JOBS/living wage.


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