Feminism: Banner Years and Backlashes

January 14, 2015

In this link, The Huffington Post’s Amanda Marcotte takes stock of some well known advances for feminism in 2014 and asks if 2015 can be as successful.

Marcotte suggests that feminism in the United States tends to make gains cyclically. She notes that the past 60+ years indicate that significant progress for feminism is sequentially met with equally significant cultural backlashes.

Today’s link briefly explores a few categories and issues where momentum can continue to build for feminism in 2015, and also where it may suffer a resurgent backlash. In either case, however, Marcotte happily points out that while feminism may periodically lose some ground here or there, its general trajectory is on a sustained upswing.

Indeed, feminism is unstoppable.

Read Amanda Marcotte’s Huffington Post article here.


Corbin Lambeth
Corbin Lambeth is a higher-ed professional, student advocate, finance geek, anti gun-culture, environmentalist, feminist, Jesus follower, and aspiring philosopher-teacher. View more of his writing on his blog .


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