Feminism Is: Greg Proops Mixes Comedy and Feminism

September 12, 2014

You probably know Greg Proops from both the British and American versions of the improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway? as well as other acting and hosting roles, but you might not know that he’s also a vocal feminist.  As the star of The Smartest Man in the World podcast (or Proopcast, as he calls it, available via iTunes and Feedburner), Proops includes a serious segment in these recordings of his stage shows in which he often speaks out in support of women’s rights.

In this interview, Proops affirms that “everything is a feminist issue,” and “women’s issues are human issues.” When asked why he advocates feminism, Proops points to the inspiration of his wife Jennifer Canaga, who travels with him around the world and provides him with articles and news items on which he philosophizes in his comedy performances.

Proops’ humor isn’t for the prudish—those most familiar with his relatively tame television appearances will need to brace for lots of vodka-flavored vodka drinks, drug references, and profanity in the uncensored world of his podcast—but if you have a tolerance for such things, download The Smartest Man in the World to get an ear full of comedy with a gender justice bonus.

posted by Alena Amato Ruggerio

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