Feminism, Sharks, and Capt. Jean-Luc Picard

July 25, 2014

Using her online title, “The Bloggess,” best-selling writer, Jenny Lawson, voices her opinion on the the widely discussed “I don’t need feminism because… ” post that has recently stormed social media. She shares some wonderful insights:

I’m not saying you can’t choose to not be a feminist, but know what you’re choosing. Don’t make a decision about a group based on the most radical beliefs of a group. Don’t get defensive if you get deeper and are exposed to difficult ideas about intersectionality and race and gender and colonialism and patriarchy and male liberation. Just listen. Some of it will make sense. Some of it won’t. Some of it will later when you’re a different person. Some of it you’ll change your mind about throughout your life and the world will change too.

That is just a taste of this link’s awesomeness, but before you click on it, be forewarned that the essay contains a lot of profanity. If that troubles you, you may want to skip the first part and head to the last several paragraphs. Either way, be sure to watch the video in the link, and listen to why actor Patrick Stewart speaks out on violence against women.

Read Jenny Lawson’s blog post here.

posted by Corbin Lambeth

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