Feminism is: Teresa Forcades— Political Advocacy

October 17, 2014

Teresa Forcades originally intended to serve in the United States as a medical doctor, but she found her calling as a nun destined to advocate for women’s rights and political liberation of Catalonia. What was the impetus for the course adjustment? According to Forcades, it was reading the Bible, which she described as “a commotion” in her soul. Now she combines her passion for God with her passion for social justice.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter she wrote to the Vatican regarding women’s rights and birth control:

“So let’s imagine you have a father and the father has a compatible kidney, and you have a child, an innocent child, who needs the kidney. Is the church ready to force the father to give the kidney, to save the child’s life? That the right to life of the child takes precedence over the right to self-determination to his own body, of the father?”

The Vatican never responded, but Spain did. Teresa is “hugely popular,” and she spends much of her time traveling to rallies and speaking engagements across Europe.

Read Lauren Frayer’s NPR article featuring Teresa Forcades here.

posted by Corbin Lambeth

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