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The Christian Feminism Today Frequently Asked Questions blog was created as a means of answering questions posed by website visitors (and members) about feminism, Christianity, Christian Feminism, and our organization.

Rev. Dr. Rebecca Kiser and Dr. Anne Eggebroten provide the answers to your questions, assisted at times by other members.


Rev. Rebecca KiserRebecca Kiser spent many years serving as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church, USA.

She describes her faith life as “… like one of those funnel gadgets, being raised in the extremely narrow end of fundamentalism, then moving into the gradually widening scope of the evangelical, through orthodox Reformed theology, and now probably more progressive.

She writes for Christian Feminism Today. Visit her blog to learn more about her and read some of her work.


Anne EggebrotenAnne Eggebroten is a professor and founding member of EEWC-CFT. She teaches on women and religion at California State University, Northridge. She describes herself as a writer, mother, (somewhat) radical feminist, and born-again Christian.

She collected and edited personal stories for her book, Abortion—My Choice, God’s Grace: Christian Women Tell Their Stories. Her commentaries appear on Women’s eNews and Christian Feminism Today, as well as on her blog Martha y Maria: Women’s Lives, Women’s Rights.

Visit her website at http://www.aeggebroten.com/


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