Gift Membership

Giving a gift membership to Christian Feminism Today makes your friends participants in our timely social justice communication effort.  It also provides them with a connection to our supportive community.  We hope you will consider buying someone you care about a gift membership today.  Our organization is enriched by the ideas and new perspectives each member brings.

Please fill out the form below completely to identify the gift membership recipient. After filling out the form you will be automatically directed to the PayPal payment page. Your gift membership submission is not complete until your PayPal payment has been received.

If you wish to pay using a check or money order, please use the mail in membership and subscription form located here.

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    If you encounter any problems using the online gift membership form, please contact the webmaster for assistance.

    Membership Fees

    Regular membership dues is $45.00 per year, and there is also a low income option of $15.00 per year.  Memberships are generally tax deductible in the United States (consult your tax professional).