Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Giving Tuesday 2021

Tuesday, November 30th is “Giving Tuesday.” It’s a time during the holiday season to remember the communities and organizations making a difference in the world. For almost fifty years Christian Feminism Today has been spreading the Good News of equality and inclusiveness, and helping people learn to appreciate the beauty of each and every divine image.  

Giving Tuesday card

How we will use your donation:

This year all Giving Tuesday contributions will support the CFT general fund. In other words, your contributions will support all the great work we are doing in many different areas.

Your contributions are important to make sure we can continue to publish and distribute material that supports, educates, and celebrates Christian feminists from many traditions

All donations are appreciated and no donation is too small.

Thank you!

Here’s what Rhondda says about the inspiration for this years Giving Tuesday image, “Nurturing Heart.”

Birthed in the lockdown of the pandemic, this piece began as an intuitive work in primary colours. A scarlet heart/womb shape emerged encircled by warming flames of the Spirit. The sense of the Spirit’s infusing hearts of stone and making them “hearts of flesh” (Ezekiel 11:19, 36:26) came to me. Divine love given must be nurtured in oneself and then flow outward in love for others (1 John 5:11-12 and Phil 2: 4) This sense was reinforced by the songs and wisdom shared by the Troubadors of Divine Bliss in their presentation to the CFT Humble Gathering in January 2021 (shortly after the storming of the Capital on January 6). “May those who have the Light, let it come forth,” Aim Me prayed, “May the light inside me radiate out to the world.” Small flames emerge from the “heart” in the painting and tiny sparks also shine through the “Chagall blue” at the top of the piece. It’s about our call to show up as Love and Light in then world—whatever else is happening around us.

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This year’s special thank-you gifts!

The first 20 people to donate $50 or more will receive five notecards and envelopes featuring the beautiful artwork created by our own Rhondda MacKay.

Anyone who donates over $100 will be entered in a drawing to win the original artwork!