Golden Thread

by Mitra Motlagh

Golden Thread and Shuttles

Maybe I am just a golden thread
on God’s spindle,
tethered from within.

A year pulled so tight,
I became a frayed edge.

Every autumn, the turning leaves
reminded me of something…

One day, long past
the vitality of the memory,
I saw a glistening string
as I ambled along a lonely street,
and at a coffee shop, in the cracks
of the glass in the morning light,
within the open air of a new apartment
filled only with floating dust.

I followed the trace of the strand:
A golden thread without a loose end.

Mitra Motlagh
Mitra is a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing in Vancouver, Washington. She seeks to help people work through trauma, depression, anxiety, and disrupted attachments. Over the years, Mitra has collaborated with other artists on writing and theatre projects. Her next creative goal is to publish a collection of poetry.



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