Gordon College Seeks Federal Permission to Discriminate against LGBT People in Employment

July 7, 2014

The White House is expected to issue an order barring federal contractors from employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.  The president of Gordon College, a small Christian college north of Boston, and 13 other religious leaders sent a letter requesting that they be exempted, on religious grounds.

Read the story in the Boston Globe, here.

It is time for CCCU schools to move forward on these issues, and realize that this kind of discrimination is not only doing a disservice to their students, it is not Christ-like.

Brian D. Boyd, Esq. has penned a statement opposing Gordon College’s attempt to secure this exemption and placed it as a petition on MoveOn.org.  It says, simply:

We the alumni, students, family and friends of Gordon College are requesting that President D. Michael Lindsay rescind his request to be allowed to discriminate against LGBT people in the hiring process. While we recognize the variety of beliefs based in Holy Scripture, we do not believe that there is a Biblical requirement to refuse employment to people of LGBT sexual orientation.”

Click here to sign the petition on MoveOn.org.

posted by Jennifer Newman

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