by Mitra Motlagh

Outer space image to illustrate the poem Groundless

Have I been expecting certainty?
Am I gripping onto
how soon this will all be over?

The Virus can kill,
but so can breathing
hate on my neighbor.

In many ways,
it’s this:
unwilling to adapt
to an unprecedented

(Even as I say it,
the word seems
too enlightened).

We were not prepared
for brutal realities.
We were asked to put on the mask,
but some refused to remove the one within.

Trudging on
as if the earth
had no heartbeat.

So I must find my ground
where it doesn’t seem to exist,
yet where it’s always been.

Get down close enough
and you might also feel
this wide field humming.

Mitra Motlagh
Mitra is a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing in Vancouver, Washington. She seeks to help people work through trauma, depression, anxiety, and disrupted attachments. Over the years, Mitra has collaborated with other artists on writing and theatre projects. Her next creative goal is to publish a collection of poetry.


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