The Hidden Battle in the Chrysalis

October 20, 2014

Kenetha Stanton, writing on her blog, A Kintsugi Life, discusses the process of transformation which happens in a chrysalis.

This metaphor is apt, not only for those undergoing transformative healing, but also for any transformative process.  Presuppositions must be broken down and old ways of thinking must be made new.  As Stanton points out, it’s important to understand there will be much resistance during the process.

“When the caterpillar first disintegrates into the primordial ooze, this ooze becomes a blob of undifferentiated cells that are all basically the same. But then new cells, known as imaginal cells, begin to appear here and there within the ooze.

“The new imaginal cells are so different from the from the undifferentiated ooze cells that the ooze cells fight them off as an unwanted invader. Despite the fact that these imaginal cells keep being killed off for being too different, they continue to appear in ever-increasing numbers.”

Read the article here.

posted by Marg Herder

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