How Do You Get Rid of a God

by Benjamin Bagocius

A photograph of train tracks extending into the distance with the setting sun at the end of the tracks.

I heard you are supposed to
make an offering to the gods
so they come to you and
begin to fix what is left.

But what if the gods come and bring
their phone charger and laundry, dump
their bag of books and clothes
on your floor, and you never
invited them. How do you
get rid of a god?

Artemis laughs about that one.
How do you get rid of Artemis,

as she walks into my
bathroom, shuts the door,
and turns on the shower.

In the gym hot tub, naked,
I read Pirkko Saisio’s The Red Book
of Farewells,

through which Artemis commutes
to my thought as on a train:

Hovering inches from destruction,
the water that would ruin it, the book is safe,

is me

in two hands held

This time, this

Benjamin Bagocius
Benjamin Bagocius, PhD, MFA, thanks you for reading his poem! Ben writes and teaches broadly across literature, spirituality, and feminist and queer thought. His writing appears in a range of venues, including Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, Tiferet, and The Other Journal. His first book of poetry, The Canaanite Woman, was published in 2022, and his second book of poetry, The Gospel According to B., is slated to appear in 2024. Ben loves contemporary Icelandic and Finnish literature, and is currently studying both languages. Reach out and learn more on his website.


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