In the Beginning…According to Eve

by Peg Edera

Abstract dark painting resembling a sunset

It was color,
calling from across the field
or through the woods.
Close up it had shape
and I got to name it.
I got to.
Sometimes he would.
Some of the colors had smells that filled my nose
and changed the first name I gave it.
This shape of me liked the way
even the uncolored things moved over me.
I called one water, one air.
I really loved water.
He named one thing fire-color that I sometimes liked on my shape.
sometimes not.
One day we picked a colored shape.
I put it in my mouth.
Then there was a very big NO.
I put more in my mouth and gave him some too.
The NO got quieter.
We found a whole new garden
and then we said

Peg Edera
Peg Edera’s experience as a Spiritual Director includes teaching at the Embracing the Holy training program at the Urban Spirituality Center in Portland. She is a poet and a Quaker. Peg lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. Her prior work includes Love Is Deeper than Distance and How We Name Thee, Poems of the Motherland.


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