Kindness Is A Tool Of Empire, Too

September 17, 2014

Sarah Moon responds to a post of Sarah Bessey’s, one we featured just last week.

“A hostile oppressor might use the tools of silencing and mocking. A hostile oppressor might use hurtful slurs. They might advocate for violence against marginalized people, or even use it themselves. In the case of hostile oppression, yes, the tactics that Bessey lists are tools of empire.”

But, she goes on, the “good” behaviors that Bessey lists can also be tools of oppression.

“Benevolent oppression isn’t focused on name-calling and criticism, but on putting marginalized people on pedestals. On exceptionalism and dehumanizing idolization. On gently forcing people into roles ‘for their own good’ or ‘out of love.’”

Read more on Sarah Over the Moon.

posted by Marg Herder


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