Land of Grace

by Jennifer Platt-Walter

A photo of a swampy swath of forest, showing water and tree trunks.

This land is a Bible you can read
with every sense. Even when all the time
is washed from my days, I hope to find myself
garmented in light, shaping myself to the valleys,
hills and streams of my homeland, tending to
whatever my consciousness is – Dark matter’s song?
Quantum tongues?  The webbed mind of my microbiome?
Whatever remains of me will be embodied as part
of the indefinable Holy Book of Earth
and all is loving grace; all was,
all along.

Jennifer Pratt-Walter
Jennifer is a Unitarian Universalist Wiccan Crone making her way to understanding the Big Things by scrutinizing the small and overlooked. She has three grown children and a husband. She has been a lifelong resident of Washington state and currently lives in Clark County.


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