Marriage Equality and Answered Prayers

July 16, 2015

Today’s link comes from Jennifer Knapp, writing on the Believe Out Loud website. She asks Christians, all Christians, to consider that the recent supreme court decision regarding marriage equality is the answer to divine petitions for guidance on the “LGBTQ issue.”

“For anyone who has ever sincerely prayed about ‘what to do’about the ‘LGBTQ issue,’ I find myself thinking: God sent thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender AND a questioning people of faith to your doorstep. What more do you need? 

“How many more faithful will come to you for your care, asking for your protection and fellowship, before you realize that God has answered your prayers about what to do next?”

Read Ms. Knapp’s short, profound blogpost here.

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Corbin Lambeth
Corbin Lambeth is a higher-ed professional, student advocate, finance geek, anti gun-culture, environmentalist, feminist, Jesus follower, and aspiring philosopher-teacher. View more of his writing on his blog .


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