Misunderstanding Motherhood

April 18, 2014

Moms have a special place in many of our hearts. Oftentimes we need to recognize them more frequently than we do. I don’t dispute this, and this Link of the Day responds to a compelling commercial from American Greetings’ CardStore that introduces a way for customers to create their own card for Mom this Mothers’ Day.

l have to admit that it got to me. My radar was down, and it almost worked.

I saw the advertisement before I read Salon staff writer, Mary Elizabeth Williams’ article, “Motherhood isn’t the ‘world’s toughest job’.”  Williams was not so easily taken in as I (almost) was, and in her featured post, she takes the advertisement to task.

Our culture gets some pretty messed up ideas about women, “their role,” and what that means. It is so ingrained in us that we’re easily led into reinforcing it and being manipulated into financing it!. Williams’ last paragraph is absolutely brilliant and should not be missed. Here’s just a taste: “You want to thank women, want to show women they have value? Close the wage gap.”

Read Mary Elizabeth Williams’ article here.

See the clever commercial here: The World’s Toughest Job. But keep your guard up.

posted by Corbin Lambeth


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