#NastyWoman Goes Viral

October 24, 2016

During the final 2016 presidential debate, Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman.” Within hours the Clinton campaign had registered the domain name NastyWomenGetShitDone.com and redirected it to Clinton’s campaign website.

Feminists have long noted that ambitious and aggressive men are culturally respected, while women with the same characteristics are often denigrated and referred to by any number of derogatory names like bitchy, hysterical, strident, and in this case, nasty.

Jessica Bennett writes about this phenomenon in her 2014 Cosmopolitan article, “Why We Need to Stop Calling Powerful Women ‘Bitches.’

Last week, women responded to Trump’s name-calling by coming together on social media and pushing back against this type of misogynist rhetoric.  Below I’ve linked to a few articles which may be of interest to CFT readers.

How ‘Nasty Woman’ Became A Viral Call For Solidarity
Emma Gray writing for The Huffington Post

Nasty women have much work to do
Alexandra Petri writing for The Washington Post

“Nasty Woman” Fragrance Faux Commercial
by Vox

Twitter Reclaims Donald Trump’s ‘Nasty Woman’ Debate Comment With Badass Messages of Feminism
by Neha Prakash writing for Glamour

Nasty women in the bible, I love you
by Kimberly Knight writing on her Coming Out Christian blog on Patheos


Posted by Lē Weaver.

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