New Box of First Wave Feminist Letters Found

April 3, 2017
The year is 1869.  The issue is whether to support a proposed 15th Amendment to the US Constitution giving black men the right to vote.  Lucy Stone says yes.  Susan B. Anthony says no—unless women of all races are included.
Jennifer Schuessler of the New York Times reports on a newly discovered box of old letters. Read, “A Trove on the Women’s Suffrage Struggle, Found in an Old Box,” here.
Anne Linstatter
Anne Linstatter was present at the founding of the Evangelical Women’s Caucus (now Christian Feminism Today) and attended most of the organization’s conferences. She looks forward to celebrating fifty years of CFT in 2024. A long-time Californian, she taught “Women & Religion” among other courses at California State University, Northridge, and is working on a memoir, Off Track: Confessions of a Feminist Christian.


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