Pastoral Counseling

by Robin Oakman

Two women running along the beach holding hands

She told me

that she believed in the covenant of marriage,
that she had decided to leave her husband,
that she had fallen in love with a woman,
that stories don’t always end the way you expect,

that she still had God at her back.

I told her I envied her courage and
she looked me in the eye and told me

to never forget that my script
can be rewritten at any time,
that I can change the ending

and still have God at my back.

I felt the strength of her courage and faith
and can continue to write and rewrite

my never-ending story

with God most certainly at my back.

Robin Oakman
Robin Oakman lives and writes in Vancouver, Washington, just over the bridge from Portland, Oregon. Life experiences, her powers of observation, and her passion for women’s rights and social justice fuel her writing. She goes where the words take her, paying close attention to all the stops along the way.


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