Putting a Human Face on Drone Warfare

April 8, 2014

The Pakistani government reports that at least 67 civilians have been killed in US military drone strikes since 2008 (here).  Other groups estimate the number of deaths to be in the hundreds.

Protesting the loss of innocent life, an artist collective made up of Americans, Pakistanis, and others associated with French artist JR’s ‘Inside Out’ movement created a huge portrait of a child who lost her parents and two siblings in a drone strike. The portrait was laid out on the ground in an area known for frequent drone activity, in hopes that drone pilots would gain awareness that innocent lives are being lost.

The artists titled the piece #NotABugSplat, a reference to a term allegedly used by drone pilots to refer to those killed in their attacks.

See the portrait and read the article on BuzzFeed here.

posted by Marg Herder


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