Redeeming Mother

by Rebecca Thomas Ankeny

A Glass of Milk

I sat thinking,
“Some cannot tolerate

the user, abuser, abandoner:
a god in that image
is impossible to trust”

I sat thinking,
“the same can be said for

then there came to me
the word: “Can a mother forget
her nursing child?”

“You know that she can,”
I responded

“yet her body reminds her,
her breasts fill and ache
with abundant milk,”
came the reply

“even so with you and me,
I cannot forget you, child.

“I ache to nurture you, to feed you;
my breasts fill and must give.”

Rebecca Thomas Ankeny
Rebecca Thomas Ankeny (Ph.D., English, and MBA) After 23 years as English professor and administrator at George Fox University for 23 years, she became the superintendent of Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church. Now retired, she preaches, makes art and music, writes, gardens, and occasionally marches for women and immigrants.